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Thursday, April 12


April 12, 2018


​TVXQ​ will be having their own reality show titled '​TVXQ's 72 Hours​' that will begin on April 30, much to the delight of fans.

It will be their first reality show and the image teaser shows ​Yunho​ in a kindergarten setting, sitting down with a book in his lap. Meanwhile, ​Changmin​ is dressed in black, busily whipping up something to eat. The show will be broadcast every Monday through Wednesday starting at 11AMKST.

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Thursday, November 2

Jaejoong's interview with SBS Real Entertainment.

November 02, 2017

CJeS Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 팬미팅 감동 아직 식지도 않았는데, 또 재중이 만나는거 실화임?
난리나고요 훈훈하고요
오늘 밤은 집에서 <본격연예 한밤> 본방사수 해주실꺼죠?
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #예능 #본격연예한밤 #팬바보 #재중의_먹방인터뷰 #먹방요정 #오늘밤 #8시55분 #본방사수 #씨제스타그램
#OMG #Jaejoong will meet you all at #SBS #tonight @855pm Make sure to tune in the #show #Tvshow #Cjestagram

JYJ3’s Note: This Interview was recorded after Kim Jaejoong ended his Fanmeeting in Seoul.

CJESJYJ Facebook Update:


Kim Jaejoong’s interview and Korean beef tasting on SBS Night of Real Entertainment tonight (10/31) at 8:55 PM

Korean Headlines & More:
SBS Entertainment Program 한밤(Hanbam) to feature interview with Kim Jaejoong “I want to show my fans that I am still growing” (Source:Link)
Kim Jaejoong becomes teary during interview,talking about his fans: I feel reassured/feel sorry at same time when I see them (Source:Link)
SBS Fun Entertainment: Eat+Interview with Kim Jaejoong, who kept up doll-like handsomeness for past 14 years (Source: Link)
Kim Jaejoong becomes teary when he thinks about his fans “I’m so fond of them and I feel reassured” (Source: Link)
Kim Jaejoong The Star of the stars but he is full of old charms, “What is Dd-A?” (Source: Link)

Short Cut of the Full Interview

JYJ3’s Note: Actually the full Interview was longer than 5 minutes, but please watch from official channel and show support to Jaejoong since this is his first appearance in a SBS’s Variety Show.

SBS Night of Real Entertainment introduction: Tonight’s special guest is Asia’s true hero, singer, actor, hallyu star
Jaejoong: “Coz I had to work part time to support myself, couldn’t practice as much and was on verge of cutoff before debut,
Fortunately, trainees recorded(songs) on our own, and I was selected because that got exposure somehow”.
(Source: Naver)
“I almost cried several times tonight(during fanmeeting), too. We persevered so long, overcame so much together so”… Kim Jaejoong on his fans
The Original King of Vocal Tone sings “Make up”

MC: Kim Jaejoong debuted 14 yrs ago, it’s about time he can take fans’ love 4 granted but treasures everything so dearly, his sincerity is touching

MC: We can feel his handsomeness from afar, who is he? Looks the same as before army! Hallyu hero Kim Jaejoong feels awkward in front of TV camera..

More Cuts:

Sources: SBS Entertainment via @0613amasajj, @crystalmoon0213, @mitsumani
Translated by: @crystalmoon0213
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Tuesday, October 3

Jaejoong reveals plan to hold first PH fan meeting !

October 03, 2017 0 Comments
Jaejoong has finished the Korean drama “Manhole,” which aired from Aug. 9 to Sept. 28.

During a Naver V Live broadcast, Jaejoong said that after the drama, he will hold a fan meeting in Asia.

Asked by a fan what will be his next move, he said, “My schedule is very full.”

“As you all know, I have a fan meeting tour so I’ll meet those of you in Asia. For the fan meeting, I will go to about Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines,” he said.

He then said that “we have plans to be in the Philippines.”

“The fans in the Philippines. I’ve been to the Philippines but I think it’s my first fan meeting there,” he said.
He will kick off his Asian fan meeting in Seoul on Oct. 29.

Jaejoong also said he’ll be going to China, the US and Japan.

About his other future plans, including making an album, he said, “I’m not going to tell you any spoilers not even 1 percent. I won’t tell you what I’ll be doing.”

He said some people want him to make a drama project while others want him to release an album first.

“I can’t really predict what I’ll do first. I can’t release an album if there are no good songs. I can’t be in a drama if there’s nothing good. I’ll pick carefully when choosing a drama or album,” he said.

On Oct. 26, Jaejoong will perform at the TV Asahi Dream Festival at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

「omg!this is super cooool!yeeees!first eveeeeer、 please comee、 ph #cassiopeia will wait for you to come...!
ヾ(≧▽≦*)o 」


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Thursday, September 7

Prosecution (Not Yoochun’s Lawyer) Appeals Not Guilty Ruling to 2nd Accusser

September 07, 2017

To refresh the memory, on March 2017, Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office has cleared Yoochun of all suspicions (Link), but this doesn’t mean the investigations were closed.

1st Accuser was Indicted and is currently serving a jail sentence.
2nd Accuser was charged without detention by Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office. On July 2017 she was found not guilty of false accusation and defamation by a unanimous jury vote, but the ruling was recently appealed by the Prosecution.

3rd and 4th Accusers whereabouts are unknown hence investigations were disrupted, because they couldn’t confirm anything that was spreaded by the media (Dispatch, etc) since the accusers never denounced legally to Yoochun, but of course their so called interviews will remain as truthful to some people even when there isn’t an objective research proving otherwise.

Related to the 2nd Accuser, there are news recently spreading about how the case is managed by the Prosecution.

Since this wasn’t Yoochun Lawyer but A Public Lawyer who represents a state or government (South Korea), I was waiting a final verdict before reporting to our readers. But seems like some information was leaked and is spreaded by the media (Main Source: Dispatch), alot criticism arised once again about how the Prosecutor is handling this case (Link), and of course I don’t pretend to defend the prosecutor because I myself do not agree about some stuffs. But the reason why I’m sharing this post is to inform our readers how english sites are spreading these news to international fans, and I can’t help to feel disappointed how certain site can’t even share this news properly if not to mislead the information calling the Prosecutor “Yoochun’s Lawyer”, I will probably not be reporting this if it was the 1st time it happened but it’s actually the 2nd time, can’t help to wonder if it was done on purpose or by ignorance? But by my own experience on this fandom, I know for sure things don’t happen of causality when is about dirtying more the image of a JYJ’s member, on this case Park Yoochun’s.

credits to: JYJ3
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Sunday, September 3

Stream Links to watch KBS Manhole Drama – Jaejoong, UEE, Baro & Hyesung

September 03, 2017

Title: Manhole/ Manhole: Wonderland’s Feel or Pil from Wonderland/ 맨홀: 이상한 나라의 필 / Maenhol: Isanghan Naraui Pil
Genre: Fantasy, comedy, romance
Director: Park ManYong (Love and Secret, All About Marriage)
Writer: Lee JaeGon (Special Affairs Team TEN, TEN 2)
Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: August 9, 2017
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 KST
Number of Episodes: 16 (Aprox)
Language: Korean

Watch Manhole Drama LIVE – KBS:

Time: 10:00 PM (Seoul, KST)
Note: Help to stream from KBS links, you can check your time zone difference from South Korea – Seoul here

Watch Manhole Drama with English Subtitles:

① KBS World TV –
Manhole Drama
Thu-Fri 21:50 PM
Re-run: Fri-Sat 04:20 AM, Sun 13:00 PM, 22:30 PM, Thu 11:50 AM
(Seoul, UTC+9)
Note: You can check the schedule according to your country time here, KBS World TV is broadcasting the drama with english subtitles.
②  DramaFire:
Episode 01 / Episode 02 / Episode 03 / Episode 04 / Episode 05 / Episode 06 / Episode 07 / Episode 08
③ Viki: (English Sub; Spanish Sub and other languages)
Episode 01 / Episode 02 / Episode 03 / Episode 04 / Episode 05 / Episode 06 / Episode 07 / Episode 08
④ KissAsian:
Episode 01 / Episode 02 / Episode 03 / Episode 04 / Episode 05Episode 06 / Episode 07 / Episode 08
⑤ Dramacools:
Episode 01 / Episode 02 / Episode 03 / Episode 04 / Episode 05 / Episode 06 / Episode 07 / Episode 08
⑥ View Asian (English Sub, Chinese Sub)
Episode 01 / Episode 02 / Episode 03 / Episode 04 / Episode 05 / Episode 06 / Episode 07 / Episode 08
⑦ Dramahood
Episode 01 / Episode 02 / Episode 03 / Episode 04 / Episode 05 / Episode 06 / Episode 07 / Episode 08
Note: This post will be updated^^
We recommended to have tissues/handkerchiefs on hand before watching Episode 05 & 06 
Credits: @bornfree_reico, @KBSWorldTV
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