JYJ's Jaejoong Admit He Is Afraid Of This Because of The Military

Saturday, July 22, 2017

JYJ's Jaejoong had a recent photoshoot with @star1and also conducted a mini interview in the process. During the interview, one interesting bit of detail came up that surprised fans of the Korean idol!
During his time in the military, Jaejoong revealed he was really afraid of one thing happening in his life - that fans and Korea would forget about him during his mandatory two-year enlistment. Many idols and idol groups are often left stagnant or go on hiatus when a few members head into the military, so Jaejoong felt his time serving with affect his career.
"Being forgotten when I enlisted was my biggest worry, and that's why I wanted to continue to keep working. Military service is a duty. However, the fear of being absent and a period of resting wasn't something I could control." He also joked, "Before I entered the military, many people told me I only looked good because of my hair. Please don't mistake it, I look okay even with short hair."  
Jaejoong is currently working on filming a drama titled 'Manhole' after completing his military service. He had commented on his current projects saying, "It feels surreal that it's been 14 years already since I debuted. There are times when my memories from ten years ago are hazy, so every moment right now still feels new and interesting. 'Manhole' is something you can enjoy while laughing - the drama is a young and refreshing drama so please stay tuned.

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an OST that comforts a weary heart in the cold weather.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016
 photo 2272543.jpg
Drama ‘Night Light’ OST sung by Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu) was unveiled.
C-JeS Entertainment said, “The track for Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu)’s OST ‘길/Road’ –which made an appearance as the ending song of MBC Mon.-Tue. drama ‘Night Light’ that aired last week and gathered attention– was released through a varieties of music sites today (6th) at midnight. This song, the drama’s main theme song, is captivating listeners with ‘Kim Junsu-grade healing voice’ that soothes a weary heart”.
Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu)’s OST ‘길/Road’ is a memorable, emotional ballad with a grand orchestra tune and a song by Park Jung Wook –who’s composed the song ‘You Don’t Know Me’ for drama ‘She Was Pretty”s OST and produced songs for ZIA, Baek Ji-young, Ben, December, and others. Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu) increased understanding of the show for viewers with his emotional voice that spreads through story in the drama, and added expectations to the details that’ll unfold ahead to come. He is captivating and melting hearts once again with a ‘Kim Junsu-grade OST’ that comforts a weary heart in the cold winter.
 photo 1480987539-19-org.jpg
Prior, Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu) received great love with ‘Love is Like a Snowflake’, ‘I Love You’, ‘In the Time I Love You’, ‘Time Flows By Since It’s You’, and a lot of other ballad OSTs. In particular, Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu) had continued his box-office hits this year with ‘How Can I Love You’ up to ‘Lean On Me’. It seems like he will be continuing that reactions with the emotional OST ‘길/Road’ this winter.
Meanwhile, drama ‘Night Light’ OST ‘길/Road’ sung by Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu) is available via various online music sites.
Source: Top Star News
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + AiNoSaranghae

Vote for Kim Jaejoong’s NO.X Album in 2017 Golden Disc Awards... !!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2016
The Golden Disk Awards is an awards show presented annually by the Music Industry Association of Korea for outstanding achievements in the music industry in South Korea. 
Kim Jaejoong’s NO.X Album nominated for Popularity Categories:
 photo shot-20161205-2837-dly62f.jpeg

Current Ranking:

1.- Global Choice Award

 photo shot-20161205-2837-1xoesqx.jpeg


Step 1: Download <Google Play App>
Step 2: Go to Settings
Step 3: Log In / Use your Facebook Account
Step 4: There is a free charge option for Golden Disc Awards votes as well as paid
 photo Cy4_CmqUQAA5Xj-.jpg
 photo Cy4_CmqUcAAN2FJ.jpg
Step 5: Album – Vote for Kim Jaejoong’s NO.X Album
You can vote up to 15 times a day

2.- Asia Choice Award

This is a separate vote for Chinese fans
You can vote using weibo and there is a pay charge to vote
 photo m2goldendiscweibo02.png
Source: Golden Disc Awards 1via @crystalmoon64
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Singer Kim Junsu will be enlisting on February 9th next year.

Friday, December 02, 2016

Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency had Kim Junsu included on its registry of successful candidates for the 348th Conscripted Policemen Public Relations Unit via their official homepage on the [November] 21st. He will be entering at Nonsan Army Training Center.
In the afternoon on the same day, Kim Junsu’s agency C-JeS Entertainment representative stated: “It is true about the fact of Kim Junsu’s February enlistment,” and, “He did get into the Conscripted Policemen Public Relations Unit”.
Ahead of his enlistment into the army, Kim Junsu will be engaged with activities. He will hold his year-end concert at Jamsil Indoor Stadium for 3 days from the 9th to the 11th of next month [December], and also be involved in musical ‘Death Note’ that’s rerunning at Seoul Arts Center’s Opera House in January 2017. This will likely be Kim Junsu’s last work before his enlistment.
Source: Sports Hankooki
Translation by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

[NEWS] Big Bang’s T.O.P and JYJ’s Junsu to enlist at the same time via Allkpop[NEWS] Enlistment Date Confirmed For JYJ’s Junsu Next Year via Soompi[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu and BIGBANG’s T.O.P to enlist at the same time via EN Asia Today[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu, BIGBANG’s T.O.P to join military service in Feb. via Yonhap News[NEWS] Big Bang′s T.O.P and JYJ′s Kim Junsu to Enlist Together in February via Mwave

Notice regarding 2017 Musical ‘Death Note’ ticket reservation change

Friday, December 02, 2016
 photo 161130musicaldeathnote.png
 photo 15220205_1896361983918214_8680929816081123650_n.jpg
 photo 15230577_1896361980584881_4484257769380429217_n.jpg
Areas for new seating chart, divided with: orange – Hana [Tour] Ticket , green – Interpark , blue – Yes24
Sources: 뮤지컬 데스노트 + cjesculture
Shared by: JYJ3

[INFO] 2017 Musical ‘Death Note’ 1st Round of Ticket Reservation

– Ticket Open Date & Time: 2016 December 1 (Thur) at 2 PM KST
– Vendors to reserve tickets from: InterparkYes24Hana Tour
– Ticket Prices:
R: 140,000 KRW
S: 120,000 KRW
A: 80,000 KRW
B: 60,000 KRW
– First Ticket Open Performance Period: 2017 January 3 (Tue) ~ January 20 (Fri)
Info Credit: @XIAinfo

Special Welcome Back Gathering for Kim Jaejoong on December 31th

Friday, December 02, 2016

CJeS Notice: Special Welcome Back Gathering for Kim Jaejoong (For Korean Fans)

 photo CylOMz2UkAAAArm.jpg
Hello, This is CJeS
Kim Jaejoong is completing his Military Service and is coming back to us on December 30th.
We prepared a celebratory open door event for Kim Jaejoong so he can greet his fans.
Please come out to celebrate his discharge in this special event.
*Time/Date: December 31th Open space type of event, more details will be revealed on December 14th).
*Event Content: Greeting and Talk/Fan Signing Event (Limited to 200 people).
*Fan Signing Event Instruction:
– Application Period: December 10th, 2-6PM
–  Application Instructions: Please take a photo of the serial number of Kim Jaejoong’s second album NO.X and send it to the following email along with your fans history that describes your love for him (cjesent.jj@gmail.com)
The random selected 200 fans will get aitographs at the spot. (Must write name, phone number and the album’s serial number).
– Winners will be contacted one by one on December 14th.
– We will notify the place and the method to get the number pass on the event’s day via text.
– The applicant must participate in the event. You can’t apply for someone else.
Source: CJeS
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: JYJ3

[TRANS] 161129 “Welcome Back Jaejoong” FanMeeting to be held on 31th December 2016 (For Japanese Fans)

 photo o0682049513809584696.jpg
 photo o0677043413809584375.jpg

 photo o0673041713809584378.jpg

Airline ticket package courseCourse A: 28th Dec 2016 (Wed) ~ 1st Jan 2017 (Sun) 4 nights 5days
Course B: 28th Dec 2016 (Wed) ~ 31st Dec 2016 (Sat) 3 nights 4days
Course C: 29th Dec 2016 (Thurs) ~ 1st Jan 2017 (Sun) 3 nights 4days
Course D: 29th Dec 2016 (Thurs) ~ 31st Dec 2016 (Sat) 2 nights 3days
Course E: 30th Dec 2016 (Fri) ~ 1st Jan 2017 (Sun) 2 nights 3days
★Military discharge visit (Option[al])★     12/30(Fri)
※However, those arriving [to Korea] on 30th Dec cannot attend.
★Fanmeeting★ Plan to hold in between 12/31(Sat) 00:01~12/31(Sat) 04:00
※There is a possibility for the timings to change.
★Tour point★
1. Able to participate in Kim Jaejoong’s greeting after discharge from military
2. Visit Kim Jaejoong’s military discharge (option[al])
※Depending on the course might not be able to attend.
3. View Kim Jaejoong’s photo exhibition
4. Taking group photograph
5. Gift Jaejoong’s silk scarf
6. Gift Jaejoong’s Bluetooth speaker
7. Gift Jaejoong’s blanket
8. Gift Jaejoong’s photograph framed
9. Gift 3 specially made goods
10. Offer one meal
11. Money exchange service (with fresh bill and special envelope)
※There may be changes to the above contents due to [some] circumstances.
Please note before hand.
Xiahjunjjyu’s Note: This fanmeeting is part of a tour package, which is very common in JYJ Japan fanclub. Similar packages are introduced for concerts in Seoul, so far i’ve seen for Junsu’s B&M concert in Seoul and Junsu starring musicals. These packages are overpriced so not many fans go though they always come with many gifts are etc. bonuses.
Source: Look Korea + jyjjapan.com
Translated by: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

JYJ Official Facebook Update:

Finally, #KimJaeJoong is coming back from #military #service on Dec 30th! If #Uwanna join a #memorable meeting w/him, check the official #website of #CJESHope time files #much more fast!
Credit: JYJ Official Facebook
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Kim Jun Su Joins Night Life OST.

Friday, December 02, 2016
 photo 15288694_1125993374162692_376867973770426058_o.jpg
Kim Jun Su will be first singer to join the OST for drama ‘Night Life’.
CJeS Entertainment, the singer’s company, stated, “On November 29, the voice of Kim Jun Su caught the viewers’ attention in the episode of MBC’s Mon-Tuesday drama series ‘Night Life’. The icy atmosphere of winter will melt down with this Original Soundtrack.”
‘Road’ is expected to be the main theme song for the show. It expresses the relationship between main characters Seo Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won) and Park Geon Woo (Jin Goo). It appeared only shortly but Kim Jun Su’s warm voice and the piano melody have the public’s curiosity rising.
The previous OST songs that Kim Jun Su sang were all so popular. This news is especially exciting because Kim Jun Su is the first artists to be announced for this project. He thus enters the circle of winter ballad-making singers this year.
Meanwhile, the full-length version of Kim Jun Su’s song for ‘Night Life’ will be released on November 6.
Source: BNT News UK
Shared by: JYJ3 +AiNoSaranghae

TVXQ's Yunho cries at his little sister's wedding, refuses to watch her kiss...

Wednesday, November 09, 2016
Yunho attended his younger sister's wedding during a break from his military service and shed some tears!
Yunho used a special vacation day to attend the wedding of his little sister, Jung Ji Hye. The singer attracted attention with his handsomeness in a suit, and he greeted everyone with a bright smile.
However, when the wedding started, guests reported that Yunho cried a lot. Many SM Entertainment employees also attended the wedding.
Funny photos of Yunho and Changmin from the wedding are also making netizens laugh. When a photographer asked the bride and groom to kiss, Yunho closed his eyes and Changmin can be seen covering Yunho's eyes with his hands as a joke.

No Minwoo ordered iphone 7 for Kim Jaejoong...

Saturday, October 15, 2016
[VIDEO] #ジェジェ#ジェジュン が いた❤️
ミヌは ジェジェの i phone 7 を 予約しました 👌🏻
[TRANS] JaeJae. there was Jaejoong❤️.
MinWoo ordered iphone7 for Jaejae👌🏻
(Translator’s Note: No Minwoo had his event in Tower Records Japan)

[Cap] Spotted JYJ’s Poster (Jaejoong)
 photo CuaKbU4VIAAwncs.jpg
Source: icon_stagram
Translated by: @ayano_jyj
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Yoochun to attend trial as witness on 24 November.

Friday, October 14, 2016
A denied all charges for false accusation and attempted extortion.
First defendants' trial was held this morning. A and her accomplices as well as their lawyers attended the trial. A denied all charges.
A requested CJeS Director, his father and Yoochun to be witnesses on court. Yoochun will be summoned as witness on 24 November.
Trans by: yunjaery 
Shared by: Tv5xqForeveraktf + AiNoSaranghae 

NO TO SAESANGS!!! --> #Protect6002Privacy

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
this anti-fans has always been a problem to all celeb world wide not just in korea or japan.. and WE, as fans of a certain celeb must unite in order to fight this kind of trouble in #Support of people we admire.

in a way, this is bullying and terrorism. #think about it.

#NoToSaesangs #Protect6002Privacy
#Help and Support the #campaign ...

shared by: AiNoSaranghae 

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