Musical ‘Elisabeth’ Story behind the brilliant cast – Lee Seung Hyun as Rudolf

Lee Seung Hyun will make his musical debut with the role of Rudolf.

Lee Seung Hyun is the youngest who joined the team. He is the son of famous national artist Seol Woon Do.

Interesting episode in the casting process was that, the one who recommended Lee Sung Hyun was JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong. Although Lee Seung Hyun is not a well-known singer, he has been recommended as a friend with hidden talent and potential.  

He was re-introduced to production crew by Kim Junsu and got cast after the audition. Being recommended by veteran director and Kim Jaejoong, Korea’s best singer and who has been also working as a producer, how will be the Rudolf of rookie Lee Seung Hyun, we’re looking forward to that.
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