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T/N: This is a translation of the short version of the article which was published by Asahi newspaper in Japan. The newspaper is well known nationwide and very famous. The article was written by Shibuya Tomomi, an associate professor of Tokyo Keizai University. The article is using false information and rumors as proof to lay the blame on JYJ. Because of the title of the author and the position of the newspaper, people who are not aware of the truth will find no reason to disbelieve this.

[TRANS] Tohoshinki and JYJ after the split
by Shibuya Tomomi, an associate professor of Tokyo Keizai University.

 Tohoshinki is a five-member Korean idol group formed by SM entertainment. Excellent singers and powerful dancers with great personalities who were loved not only by Japan and Korea but also all over Asia.

But in the summer of 2009 3 of the members filed a lawsuit against SM because of the terms of the contract, and now the three members are active as JYJ while the other 2 are tohoshinki. (The 3 members are still in the middle of the lawsuit with SM)

At the beginning, the voices of the fans who were calling for the reunion of the 5 members were overwhelming. But currently it is not that way.

For example, a fan that used to like one of the members knew of the meeting (which I will talk about later) and came to hate the 3 members and not wish for a reunion. Similarly some bloggers believe JYJ to be independent artists already so do not want a reunion.
Therefore, the fans started breaking apart.

Why did this happen I wonder?
The reason is, “625 meeting” which we know about through the spreading of the audio file containing the recording of the meeting.  It can be summarized (interpret) as the following, the 3 members “betrayed” the 2 members and so the fans of the 5 members do not hope for a reunion anymore. The rift between the supporters of the 2 members and the supporters of the 3 members is now too big to burry.


If you want to know more about “6.25 meeting” please check our previous posts (below). We know this Meeting is used majorly by Hotels Fans to explain how JYJ “betrayed” the other 2 members, these fans even edited the full translation of the only edited audio existent to put the blame on JYJ and their families.

[INFO] The”6.25″Meeting: Summary and Explanation Link
[TRANS] About the 625 meeting – summary/analysis  PART I and IIIIIIV, V

Japanese fans have organized a petition to demand for an apology and correction from the news paper to JYJ. Please help by signing the petition.

[PETITION] Demand for an apology and correction to the Asahi Shimbun

『Demand for an apology and correction to the Asahi Shimbun published a column by Associate Professor Shibuya of Tokyo Keizai University』 An article by Tomomi Shibuya, Associate Professor of Tokyo Keizai University, contained grave factual mistakes. Although the article claimed that it was written by a single fan, the fact that her professional title was presented helped to mislead the readers to believe that JYJ are the ones to be blamed. Asahi Shimbun is rated as a first-class, national newspaper, and it has to bear a heavy responsibility for carrying such an unfair and unjust article. So we demand for an apology and correction for the article to The Asahi Shimbun.”


Source: Asahi + JYJTheirRooms
Translation Credits: Esra of  JYJ3
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