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Dec 23, 2011

JYJ - 'Come On Over' Box Set Collection Design Concept

When the bell rang and opened your parcel, we assume that many of you have wondered the meaning of beetle and the 3 pieces of flowers.
In order to communicate with you, we have attached with the explanation of art director.


This reminds of young boys running over the forest just to catch the insects with the butterfly net.

In addition, it is enough for the 3 JYJ members to associate with the delicate, strong,
and beautiful flower that rest in the middle of the forest.

This box set collection is based on these 2 senses.

Jaejoong- Mysterious and compelling image of black rose
Yuchun- Soft and elegant purple tulip
Junsu- Natural and energetic orange tulip.

DVD case was designed by symbolizing the flowers that represent each member.
JYJ & making video clips is the story of connecting 3 members.
Therefore insects were chosen which flies freely around the flowers and connecting each member.

Beetles are not the typical type of insects such as bees or butterflies but it is incredibly colorful and beautiful.
We expressed unexpected beauty by choosing beetles.
The feeling of beetles to produce something special gave the impression of choosing it.
By fully filling in the image of artists not merely an idol star by changing the typical flash graphic design of idol group into a simple beetle,
we tried to show fans and the general public the curiosity and new beauty.

Photo credits: mayumeko
Shared by: DBSKnights + AiNoSaranghae