JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s Solo Fanmeeting in Shanghai Ends in Great Success… “Exploding Popularity”


On December 10th, Kim Jaejoong held a solo fanmeeting in the Shanghai International Gymnastics Center. All of the tickets for the 4000 seats in the fanmeeting were sold out were sold out, and 1000 fans who were not able to purchase tickets gathered outside of the venue to cheer on Jaejoong for his fanmeeting.

Kim Jaejoong’s company, C-JeS entertainment said “Because of the popularity of Jaejoong’s drama Protect the Boss as well as record-breaking overseas sales of the drama, the company was inundated with requests from all over the world to hold a fanmeeting for Jaejoong.”
During the fanmeeting Kim Jaejoong told his fans stories about what happened during theProtect the Boss filming as well as sang his self-written song from the OST, “I will Protect You”.

In addition, Kim Jaejoong answered questionnaires written by his fans and interacted with the fans in ways such as directly calling them after drawing their phone numbers from a lottery.
Kim Jaejoong said that he did not expect to see so many Chinese fans come out to cheer for him and that he hopes to return in the future as a better performer and singer.

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