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Dec 1, 2011

U-Weekly Singapore Issue 312: TVXQ, Successful Comeback!‏

TVXQ Will Not Reveal Their Love Relationships?

The highly popular five-membered idol group TVXQ who ever caused a whirlwind commotion in the music industry, returned at the beginning of this year as a duo after a two-years-three-months break. Though everyone were skeptical in the beginning on whether the duo of TVXQ were able to fulfill the emptiness left by the three members (JYJ), through the release of Japanese album TONE, their outstanding performances and singing skills were greatly applauded by fans. TVXQ as a duo, confirmed their successful return!

Safekeeping TVXQ’s Aura

Q: In the beginning of this year, you returned as a duo, the feelings must have been different. How was it then?

Changmin (CM): When we returned this year as a duo, I was rather happy and excited.

Yuhno (YH): Although we returned as a duo after a two-years-three-months break, many fans still came (to support us) and I became emotional all of a sudden. In order to bring upon an interesting performance, we went through intense rehearsals but I was down with flu in the end and wasn’t in my best state, thus was quite regrettable.

Q: In order to break from the TVXQ’s five-membered mode, you must have work very hard. What was the effort made?

YH: During the preparation for the album, it was to retain that epic aura of TVXQ. A vigorous performance was the feature of our live performances, thus this can’t be neglected. I tried adding in many changes in my treble singing and tried exchanging parts with Changmin when singing different song genres.

CM: As the two of us are representing TVXQ now, it indeed is quite a mental load. During our first stage, with regards to dancing skills, due to Yunho hyung’s impression of being full of vigor, I really do not wish the reviews on our performance to be negative due to me. (smiles)

Cherishing The Complete Memories As Five

Q: The songs that were previously sung as five-membered, are now renditioned by only two. How was the feelings?

YH: No matter the debut stage back then or now, TVXQ is still TVXQ, thus it is not that weird singing the old songs. Although it is now sang by just the two of us, surely there are emotions involved… even so, these songs contains our memories. Be it the past, present or future, these songs are very precious to me.

CM: From the very beginning till now, and the future, we has always been TVXQ and it’s not gonna change. Even if (we) fails, it’s not regrettable at all.

Q: Regardless of TVXQ’s willingness, 2010 must be the toughest year for TVXQ right? However you two seems to be rather calm about the issue.

YH: During the two-years-three-months break, we have always been waiting for the three of them, but they did not return. Under such circumstances, I felt that there should be someone to stand out and protect TVXQ. TVXQ is owned by SM Entertainment, the five of us, together with the vast group of fans. We did not forget this. Thus although it’s just the two of us, we have to prepare activities seriously in order to protect TVXQ.

Q: With regards to JYJ’s issue with SM Entertainment, what are Yunho’s and Changmin’s standpoint on this?

YH: Please return quickly to TVXQ. We have been great collaboration in music. However there were conflict of values during the commencement of activities. To this, each of us are responsible for it. (T/N: The difference in values leading to dispute) But I don’t wish to relate it out here… I still wish them well in health.

CM: The dispute between us has transformed into various discussion topics for many people. It is due to these beautiful yet precious moments that TVXQ is existing. If were to deny these memories, it is as good as denying the existence of TVXQ. I do not wish those beautiful memories to be tainted.

Love And Marriage

Q: Are the two of you still single? If you are in a relationship, would you reveal it?

YH: I don’t have a girlfriend yet but if I were to be in love relationship, I don’t intend to reveal it. I think I will get married when I am 32 years old.

CM: I broke up with my girlfriend ten months ago. As I was busy with the activities overseas, there are basically no time for dating. I hope my future spouse to be less than 30 years old as it might be problematic for childbirth. Keke.
(T/N: Not sure when was this interview held cause I vaguely remember CM mentioned about him “breaking up with girlfriend ten months ago” during this January’s comeback interview.)

Q: What type of girls do you like?

CM: Honestly, I especially like pretty girls but for a love interest, the character is definitely more important. I won’t consider the outlook only. I like girls who will considerately think for others, polite and know the basic rules of life. Although it seems simple, it’s rather difficult to find such a girl. Actually, I’m good with observing girls. Though I have yet to say this before, for example, if I observed 10 girls off-stage, I can see clearly who wears what and how their faces are. It’s clearer than what audience can imagined.

YH: I am the eldest son in the family and I have been making my own decision since young. That has became my habit. But I wish my future girlfriend can decide for me and provide me with suggestions. Surprisingly right? I think I have been outgoing and cheerful but probably it’s because I’m afraid of being lonely? Though I look strong on the outside, in fact, I hate being alone in the room. Especially when there’s nothing to do and I will be vexed and thus would exercise or make plans so that I won’t let time simply passes by. As I know of such weakness of mine, I would hint to myself to become stronger. Of course as a man, I have to be responsible but I think that as a couple, we should rely and respect each other, moving towards the same target. I hope I can become a good husband. Actually I quite like being clean and tidy. When I was living with members, I have to consider others’ habits and thus this trait of mine was not obviously displayed. But when I am out traveling with my friends, friends were shocked to see my tidy room. (laughs) If my future wife asked for my help, I would help with the housework, for example washing dishes… but not before she cooks for me. Keke.

Words To Fans….

U-Know Yunho: We will create a new history for TVXQ in the future and hopefully to create it with our other member of TVXQ, our fans. Every day is a new peak of life and “today” will not return. Thus we have to work even harder and not letting oneself to regret. I love everyone and has always been thankful to everyone.

Max Changmin: I really am thankful to everyone for such a passionate welcome for our comeback. As everyone is around, I am happy and received a lot of courage. When we returned to this stage, back as TVXQ, your every smiling faces shone us brighter on stage. Really am very thankful. In the future, we will work even harder.

source: U-Weekly Singapore
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun