KBS delivers ‘Best Idol Star’ award to JYJ... - -AiNoSaranghae-

Jan 5, 2012

KBS delivers ‘Best Idol Star’ award to JYJ...

We reported earlier that JYJ had been chosen as  the ‘Best Idol Star’ on KBS’s ’2011 Best Star Icon Award’ poll.
It seems the boys have just received their award from KBS.
A staff member from KBS uploaded a picture and tweeted, “Due to schedule ~ We went to find JYJ who was filming in Kangnam, and delivered the <Idol Star Picked By Netizens> Best Icon Award. The three young men who are still spirited, lively, and cheerful as before. We even brought restorative herbal medicine so that they’ll eat and hang in there..”
In the picture uploaded, the JYJ members are seen holding their award and herbal medicine with pleased expressions on their faces.
Source + Photo: KBS’s official Twitter
Tip: Dennis