Malik Yusef to Work with JYJ Again on a New Song?

Malik Yusef, who rapped in JYJ’s ‘Ayy Girl’ song, exchanged tweets with several JYJ fans as capped below:
Malik Yusef’s part in Ayy Girl:
[Malik Yusef]
In your high honour
all over my skin thats art splattered
and everything happened this part mattered
I tattoed your name on my tongue
then my heart shattered
but for effort I get an Ayyy, girl!
So tonight be the VIP guests of JYJ Malik Yusef and Kanye West
Note: We blotted out twitter names for privacy.  If one of the capped tweets is yours, let us know if you want us to remove those blots. 
Credit: Various Twitters + Malik Yusef
Shared by: JYJ3

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