‘Vampire Diaries’ star Kat Graham once again declares she’s a 2NE1 fangirl ...

Hollywood star Kat Graham of the popular TV series, ‘Vampire Diaries’, recently confessed her love for 2NE1′s music through a Dutch magazine.
During an interview with a magazine from the Netherlands, Kat was asked the question, “What are the songs you listen to in order to have a great night?” She replied, “I love the Korean girl group 2NE1. If I were to be having a great time, then it would have definitely begun with their songs.”
To this, netizens mostly commented with, “I’m so proud to see 2NE1′s name in foreign papers!
This isn’t the first time the actress has mentioned 2NE1. As reported earlier, she was spotted tweeting about her love for K-Pop and 2NE1 with her fellow ‘Vampire Diaries’ actress, Nina Dobrev.
Source + Image: Osen

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