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Feb 7, 2012

Kim Jaejoong Surprised by Turkish Fan....

Earlier we reported that JYJ member Kim Jaejoong headed to Turkey for an individual fan meeting. A photo from the fan meeting has now been published, in which Kim Jaejoong and a Turkish fan are seen bowing to each other.

On February 5th, Kim Jaejoong held a fan meeting at an auditorium in Ankara University in Turkey, when he was pleasantly surprised by an event involving a fan. A fan appeared on stage and, as a token of thanks to Jaejoong, made a deep bow. Following suit, Jaejoong then also bowed to his fan. At that time, the fans in attendance took photos and videos, and by their word of mouth, the media went viral on their country’s internet portal site message boards. Although Jaejoong appears on the one hand to be a bit flustered and embarrassed, fans commented that on the other hand he dealt with the situation rather cutely.

This fan meeting with Jaejoong was an invitation for Korean culture into Turkey. In 2005, after airing Korean dramas on the state-operated TV in Turkey, fan clubs of ‘Korea fans’ were formed, and a fan base of around 40,000 continues to grow wildly. Jaejoong wished to show his gratitude towards fans of the hallyu wave through this fan meeting event.

Prior to his Turkey fan meeting, Jaejoong had written a post on his Twitter,

“Turkish people definitely have a lot of similarities to Korean people.. It is certainly a great place~ Looking forward to the days ahead~”

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