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Feb 19, 2012

JYJ's IN Heaven Album Lunch ....

Imported straight from CJES, get the original Korean Black Version of JYJ’s chart-topping album “In Heaven” on Feb 25! Each album comes with an exclusive JYJ T-shirt, two (2) In Heaven posters plus other amazing gifts, available only on 9G! This is a limited release with only 300 shipped units so don’t miss this chance! THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR ANY FAN!!
The ENTIRE ALBUM was written, composed and arranged by Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun. The uniquely crafted album and aesthetics reflects the artists they have become as JYJ. Enjoy the album with a top quality 40-PAGE JYJ PHOTOBOOK plus 2 POSTERS and other freebies! :D

The full track list is as follows:
01. “Get Out” – Lyrics/Composed by JAEJOONG & YUCHUN
02. “In Heaven” – Lyrics/Composed by JAEJOONG
03. “Fallen Leaves” – Lyrics/Composed by JUNSU
04. “Boy’s Letter” – Lyrics by JAEJOONG
05. “Mission” – Lyrics by JUNO, Composed by JUNSU
06. “I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)” – Lyrics/Composed by JAEJOONG
07. “Pierrot” – Lyrics/Composed by JAEJOONG
08. “You’Re” – Lyrics by JUNSU
09. “Nine” – Lyrics/Composed by JAEJOONG
10. “The Song With No Name Part 1″ – Lyrics/Composed by YUCHUN

At JYJ’s “In Heaven” Album launch in 9G: The Red Room Exhibit you get:
- “In Heaven” Black Edition Album – $30 value at Yesasia
- 40-page photobook
Two (2) “In Heaven” POSTERS (white + special edition version!)
A limited edition “I love JYJ” T-SHIRT ♥ (think that cute thailand concert shirt ;)
- plus other freebies!

ONLINE/PROVINCIAL ORDERS NOW OPEN!! Click here to purchase online! Only until Feb 20 to get the freebies!

“In Heaven” Black Version Reviews:
“No businessmen in my whole advertising & printing life would spend on all these in one finish product i.e. Spot UV + Die Cut + Stamping + Book Binding + Embossing. This album is really worth *owning*. No regrets spending my savings on this (I gave up and almost did not get to buy this album…T_T~~). Please have a look at the details of my photos of this heavenly album produced by 3 sent from heaven angels. Thank you JYJ for making the effort. HWAITING!!! You guys have all our support and love.” ChocoMint thougts…: JYJ In Heaven (Black Edition) Album + Photobook

* Polyeast/Astroplus will be located outside the exhibit, no entrance fee/9G ticket necessary to purchase an album. JYJ’s In Heaven + JYJ T-shirt and other freebies are priced at P1,200.