Park Yoochun In High Gear For “Attic Prince” Filming, Due To South American Concerts..

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Park Yoochun will be returning to the drama viewers on 14 March via the first episode broadcast of “Attic Prince.” But before that, JYJ will be holding their North American tour on 9 and 11 March, in Chile and Peru.
Because of this, filming for “Attic Prince”  is expected to be delayed by about one week. Park Yoochun officially started filming on 9 February, continuing his busy work schedule.
Any change in the spaces of Park Yoochun’s schedule could cause problems, but the SBS personnel explained to Asia Today that ,”The JYJ concert tours were confirmed from the start. Although the schedules are very tight, we have already planned to shoot Park Yoochun’s scenes first. There will be no problems with the broadcast.”
“Attic Prince” is about the crown prince of the chosun dynasty who loses his beloved princess then travels with his consorts 300 years into the future to the modern day Seoul, to continue his unrealised romance from the past,s a fantasy-romantic comedy. Aside from Park Yoochun, it also stars Han Ji Min, Lee Tae Sung and Jung Yoo Mi.
Source: [Baidu TVXQ + Asia Today]
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