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May 1, 2012

annoying fan-girls ....

happy labor day to all our hardworking family and friends!!

--- me? this is whaat i am doing?!! reading stuff, like ff, story in watty, and specially eating street foods!!! :D want some? oh !!! its raining now~~~ >.< 
how is ur day going on so far?

i think this isn really the first time i did this. .. or maybe not.. but some fan girls really pisses me off...and the anti-fans really are wrecking on my nerves... why?! WELL!! for :

1. fan girls, you know its wrong, and its just a rumor, why prolong it into spreading everywhere where infact the  said entertainment didnt acknowledge them? and even if they do? so whaaat?!! do u think they can surpass that group even though u know how big they are?!!

2. didnt you notice that they only said it to make that group/artist big?! ... so if so.. they will be recognize.. and some fans might think that they ,i mean those new groups will have the chance of beating the old one's? then ur being a fool!! you have seen them at their best and still working for the best.. why be shaken? continue supporting them in the way you always do! not down them, bcuz if u do so, i might get the chance of comparison and  BOOOOOOM! they are at the same level before U even know it!


3. anti-fans... U say ur groups is better.. why bother with the lesser group?! are u threaten?

OMG!! whaaat ma i saying.. although some are true.. i guess im speaking so out of tune olready! well, this is my blog, !! but hey!! it made me feel better!!! but seriouslyy!! HELoooo!!!! THEY ARE WHO THEY ARE COZ THEY WORK HARD FOR IT!! WE ARE ALL KPOP FANS, WHY NOT SUPPORT THE OTHER GROUP, AND SUPPORT UR OWN GROUP BETTER.?! ...