JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s whirlwind visit to Taiwan, Airport jam-packed with 400 fans

Kim Jaejoong is currently filming for <Dr Jin>, despite the busy schedule and fatigue, he specially made time to hold a fanmeeting in Taiwan to meet the fans. He was welcomed by 400 fans at the airport, and Jaejoong was seen smiling in appreciation.

Although the 23rd is a weekday, there were nonetheless a crowd of 400 fans waiting for the arrival of Kim Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong is also the first korean star to “jam-pack” the newly renovated/rebuilt TaoYuan airport.
Kim Jaejoong is clad in a casual style: simple black t-shirt with shades, but it was difficult to hide his star aura and white clear skin. Although Jaejoong revealed on twitter last night that he is tired from filming, he appeared to be in a good mood today, smiling constantly, leaving fans excitedly anticipating tonight’s fanmeeting.

Credit: ETtoday
Translated by Min @ PrinceJJ
shared by: AiNoSaranghae

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