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May 22, 2012

JYJ twitter update May 25, 12

Jaejoong: So I wore a hanbok at that time too..

Junsu: A time that was like a dream.. ^^

Junsu: Hyung is 2nd on the Oricon daily chart!! >•< Oh oh congrats, hyung~ ^^

Yoochun: As compared to other days, I feel that the filming which left a few days only are the most lengthy and time passes fast. To me, Rooftop Prince is both torment and happiness... It is a piece of work made which can makes you grow stronger.

PR_babe: @6002theMicky Now you have really become a real actor... You can be one even if you go a bit slower ㅋ
Yoochun: @PR_babeThanks for thinking it like that..^^ From now on, I should really work extra harder in order to achieve it...^^
PR_babe: @6002theMicky After your drama ends, please give us some good albums to listen to. I'm waiting for it! Kekeke
Yoochun: @PR_babe Hehehe Please anticipate for it^^

TAE_SAMA: @6002theMicky Rooftop Night Crown Prince.. I appoint you as one of the member who will stay up all night in this drama's best night! A little more to go! Hang in there the crown prince who will stay up for the whole night!
Yoochun: @TAE_SAMA Hehehehe This is a bit too much^^Okok!!! Even though I want to make myself disappear but that won't happen~^^
TAE_SAMA: @6002theMicky See you later~^^ Is your heart pounding very fast? Keke

zerotic0124: Preparing for Junsu's asia tour..I'm 30 years old so my stamina isn't like before... kekeke Fighting!!!
zerotic0124: @6002theMicky Hwaiting~~빠규(F*** you)!!,!!
Yoochun: @zerotic0124 ~^^Thank you~blueberry much!!^^ (T/N: He really wrote that, thank you very much in a fun way^^)
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