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Oct 19, 2012

JYJ Jaejoong Talked About His Own Outlook, “I Won’t Be So ‘Radiant’ Without Lighting”

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On the 16th, JYJ Jaejoong, Song Ji Hyo, Oh Dal Soo and Han Soo Jin attended the production press conference of ‘Code Name: Jackal’. ‘Code Name: Jackal’ is a comedy about a legendary professional killer who kidnapped the top star Choi Hyun and the events that followed.

When Jaejoong was asked if he was burdened as a Hallyu star’s image being tarnished, he answered, “I don’t have such worries. When I got the script, though I think it will kind of destroy my image, I took it on without such feelings. Therefore I have no fears or burden. I think the (JYJ) members will laughed out immediately if they watch this movie as there’s no others that destroy my image more than this.”

When speaking of his outlook, Jaejoong jokingly said, “I won’t be so ‘radiant’ if there is no lighting.”

When asked if there is anyone he would want to kidnap, he answered, “Too many. If I have anyone that I like in the future, if she decides to delay marriage or doesn’t like me, I would kidnap her.”

Comedy ‘Code Name: Jackal’ will be on the big screen in November.

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