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Aug 25, 2013

Jaejoong with SHINWA and HEECHUL ....

Jaejoong is drinking with Shinhwa right now (Cr: Mjjyoon_)

Jaejoong, Heechul & Shinhwa are drinking at the same table while Yoochun's eating at the side. (Cr: 晴天霹梨)

Oh wait, Yoochun's eating in some other shop that is near to where Jaechul & Shinhwa are at. Fan said Heechul seems fatter :P (Cr: 倩仔分开即是想念)

Jaejoong coming out from the restaurant! He had eye contact with the fanㅠ (Cr: 倩仔分开即是想念) 

Jaejoong~ (although you can't really see him) (Cr: Mjjyoon_)

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Translated by: TVXQkokoro
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