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Oct 30, 2013

there is nothing wrong with promoting your own concert.....

Ok!!! the concert is near?? are YOU EXCITED!?? oh! i wish i could come, ~~ ill be just watching on fancams....~~~ :( BRING YOUR TOWEL!!! <3

@bornfreeonekiss: 이제 얼마남지 않았습니다~ 두근두근 하시죠!? 공연을 재밌게 즐기는 방법 뭐가있을까요~! 가볍게 힌트를 드릴게요~

Trans: There aren't many days left~ You're getting excited right!? What methods are there to make a concert fun and enjoyable~! I'll slightly give you some hints~ 

@bornfreeonekiss: 여러분과 함께 뛰고 소리지르는 공연되고 싶어요~ 다같이 수건을 돌리는 곡들이 3~4곡준비되어있어요 긴장하시고 수건 꺼내실 준비하시길...!

Trans: I want the concert to be one that I can run/jump and scream together with everyone~ I have prepared 3~4 songs to which everyone can wave the towels together. Tense up and get ready to take out the towels...!

@bornfreeonekiss: 긴 수건을 준비 주소서. 짧으면 안돌아가서 흐름 뚝.

Trans: Please prepare long towel. If it's short, it won't turn around and the flow will go down.

@bornfreeonekiss: 여러 발라드 무대가 기다리고 있겠죠..? 부드러운 리듬을 타기위한 준비물도 있지마세요~ 라이트 스틱이나 야광봉~

Trans: You're waiting for various ballad stages right..? To ride on the gentle/soft rhythm, don't forget to prepare too~ either lightstick or glow-in the-dark bars~

@bornfreeonekiss: 마지막으로 이번에도 드레스 코드를 정해볼까합니다~ 드레스코드와 멋진 분장이 여러분의 용기를 한껏 올라가실거에요~ 참 공연장 스크린에 아주 자세히 비춰질지모르니 한껏 멋내는거 잊지마세요~ 그럼 11월2일,3일날 봐요~☆뿅

Trans: Lastly, the time's dress code will be decided too~ I'll go up together with everyone with the dress code and cool makeup~ oh right, who knows the performance venue's screen might show you clearly, don't forget to do your best till the end~ then see you on 11/2,3~☆ bbyong

@bornfreeonekiss: 굿즈 자랑 아닙니다ㅡㅡ 나머지 굿즈는 더이쁘니깐ㅎㅎ 드레스 코드는 "순수와불순"입니다!ㅎ 화이팅!

Trans: I'm not showing off the goodsㅡㅡ bacause other goods are prettier haha the dress code is "Purity and Rebelliousness"! ha hwaiting!