New update on the cancelled case; accusing Yoochun of nonsense...

A sex worker (20s) in Gangnam filed a similar complaint against Yoochun. Rape charges. She said that she was allegedly raped in the bathroom of the adult entertainment establishment last December 2015. Woman claims that Yoochun said he couldn't hear her so let's go to the bathroom.

She said "This isn't right," and tried to leave, but he held on to the door knob and wouldn't let her leave.
Girl said that she was afraid that it was a top star and was keeping this assault to herself until she read that someone else had a similar experience, and thus decided to come forward.

YTN texted C-JES and C-JES said that it was all false and not true.

Cops will continue to investigate Park for the initial lawsuit by the first woman, but now since a new woman came out, it seems that the police investigation will go deeper and expand.

 cr. YTN

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