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Oct 26, 2011

JYJ’s song for ‘Penzal Q’, “Don’t Be Sick”, to be distributed for free

Last month, it was reported that JYJ was appointed as the endorsement models for Chong Geun Dang Pharmaceutical‘s new painkiller brand, ‘Penzal Q’. The score for the commercial song for the advertisements, “Don’t Be Sick”, was revealed at the end of September, and the song was aired through television advertisements beginning on October 1st.
As soon as the ads started airing, requests for the release of the full song flooded in. Chong Geun Dang, in response to the requests, revealed that they will distribute the song for free starting on October 25th through the official ‘Penzal Q’ website (www.penzalq.com) as well as their facebook page (www.facebook.com/penzalQ).
“Don’t Be Sick” is a ballad about caring for a sick girlfriend, and sung by the crooners of JYJ.
Chong Geun Dang stated, “With the popularity of JYJ, many have expressed interest in the background song for the advertisement sung by JYJ themselves… We have decided to start this service [of providing free downloads] to help ease the pain that people suffer from due to stress of everyday life through the mellow music.”

Check out the CF below!

Unfortunately, as Chong Geun Dang led us to believe, the song available for download doesn’t seem to match up with the one in the CF above.

Source + Photo: TVreporteDaily