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Oct 30, 2011

“SuperHero Japan” Provides “Support” For Ibaraki Concert, Unusual for Japanese Fans ^_^

SuperHero Japan, a group of Japanese Jaejoong fans, has provided a “support” for the Ibaraki concert! While the “support” culture (of providing food and refreshments for an event) is well-established in Korea, this is the first time that a group of Japanese fans has done it, in our memory. The below translates and summarizes the account provided by SuperHero Japan. 


First, there were Jiji and Yoyo cookies. There were a lot of drinks provided also—from tea that one could drink easily to nutrition drink for health.
The coffee is “Boss” ^_^…
Other than the Jiji and Yoyo cookies, the snacks were specially chosen to be non-perishable so that the staff could enjoy them easily.
The packaging was also done beautifully so that the exteriors of the snacks could be enjoyed. ^^
There are “JYJ” cookies ^^…
Also, an “ooki ni” cookie because Jaejoong always says it in Osaka concerts (means “THANKS!” in Osaka Dialect) ^^…
The Japanese fans prepared and carried the food from Osaka to Irabaki—they prepared so much that their luggage could not even pass through the aisles of Shinkansen (the bullet train) T_T…
Here were many other things, such as the three Kitty bottles of mineral water, towel, mineral sheets for wiping off sweat and etc….
Everything was packaged so that they could be in a Kitty bag. ^^
For the staff there were a lot of snacks. The box is layered/stacked in two stories and so it holds much more than it seems.
Some were done with ribbons of the color green, the Jaejoong color. ^^ Some others were done in pink and brown.
Messages of “thank you” and such were put into the cookies.
A cute JJ seal ^^
These are “SuperHero Japan” busses that fans rode to get to Irabaki^^—the left one from the 2nd day and the right one from the 1st.
SuperHero Japan thanks SuperHero Korea, with whom they collaborated for this Support. ^_^
Cedits: SuperHero Japan via JJBirthday
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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