The Red-Haired PRINCE is BACk with Mr. Sylvester Levay....

JYJ member Kim Junsu snapped a photo with world-famous musical composer Sylvester Levay.
On July 11th, Junsu posted the above photo via his Twitter page and wrote, “I love you, Sylvester Levay.
The men stood close as they gave the camera the classic ‘V’ pose, and fans were glad to see that they seem to have an amicable friendship.

Sylvester Levay is a world-famous musical composer, and participated in creating musicals ‘Mozart‘ and ‘Elisabeth‘, in which Junsu played important roles. During a recent JYJ concert in Germany, Junsu had remarked, “I am so glad to have come to Germany, the country of ‘Mozart’ and ‘Elisabeth’ composer Sylvester Levay who I consider to be a father figure to me.

Netizens who came across the photo remarked, “Wow, they look so close“, “They worked together before. Had no idea“, and “I love his new red hair!”

Source & Image: Junsu‘s official Twitter
shared by: Allkpop and AiNoSaranghae

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