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Jul 16, 2013

Fanaccount of meeting Jaejoong cycling in France ....

Jaejoong's autograph for the fan

Jaejoong was laughing wholeheartedly (and loudly) and he was wearing black shades when the fan saw him. He placed his bike properly and went to buy some water. The fan took some pictures of him. When they were buying water, the fan finally mustered enough courage to ask for signature. She used English to request the autograph from Jaejoong.

Jaejoong hmmed and took the initiative to reach out and take the pen from the fan. He made eye contact with the fan when she shouted his name. As said, his face is very skinny and very white. He didn't shave and his lips are the same jellyish texture as seen in photos.

Fan used English to tell Jaejoong that she is a Chinese fan and Jaejoong replied thank you in Chinese. After signing, manager used English to say thanks, and Jaejoong thanked the fan. The fan then thanked both of them.

Jaejoong and manager continued to rest for a while. He was drinking soda and he smoked. He then played some games on a black Samsung phone passed to him by his manager. Before leaving, Jaejoong looked around to see if there is rubbish bin or such to throw his rubbish away. (Good idol~! ❤)

The fan used Korean to say "oppa, goodbye" and Jaejoong turned around and nodded at her. He then cycled away. The fan commented that the way he cycles is so handsome~

The fan wants to clarify a few things:
  1. Jaejoong isn't short.
  2. He didn't use cologne (at least for yesterday).
  3. He wore 2 rings and chrome heart bracelet on his right hand, and his left hand is just full of bracelets.
  4. His legs are especially skinny.
  5. The way Jaejoong cycles is more handsome than how he drives.
  6. Jaejoong was wearing long sleeves, the same as what he wore in his selca.
  7. The fan saw Jaejoong and manager in Chamonix, France, not in Paris, France.
T/N: Irrelevant parts are omitted.

Source: Lucia坐等金在中世巡法国站
Translated by: taurysays
Shared by: DBSKnights + AiNoSaranghae