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Jan 6, 2016

Kim Junsu successfully complete his year-end concerts with 20,000 fans, ‘God of Performance’

JYJ Kim Junsu successfully completed all his year-end concerts that progressed its 4th time.

Kim Junsu confirmed his immense popularity still as ever, when he joined with around 20,000 domestic and foreign fans in performances from his ‘2015 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.4’ that was held in Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium for 3 days, from December 29th to 31st.

His concerts this time recorded a sellout of all its seats from its first ticket open up to additional seating; and brought about an unprecedented ticket crisis.

Kim Junsu presented musical numbers, favorite songs, and OST tracks that starred himself; received praises on showing standard practice of a well-made performance up to the best-ever fanservice with overwhelming stage; and had finished with great success.

Kim Junsu showed off a knockout appearance as the ‘God of Performance’ through all-live performances created by a 60-person orchestra and a 30-person choir under the baton of Director Kim Moon-jung, the Republic of Korea’s best music director; and satisfied the audiences’ senses with a stage that went on to evolve steadily.

Kim Junsu sang one after another of the leading numbers ‘Game Begins’ and ‘Unchanging Truth’ from musical ‘Death Note’ that received great love that year; and unfolded a splendid opening. Continuing on onstage, musical actor Hong Kwang-ho came as a guest and performed ‘Game of Death’ and ‘In the Heart of a Guy’ together with Kim Junsu, since having worked together in ‘Death Note’; and they showed off their illusion-fantasy ‘chemistry’.

Also he re-enacted in full the emotions of the musical stage singing ‘Dracula”s number ‘It’s Over’ together with musical actor Kang Hong-seok.

Kim Junsu reinterpreted songs of other artists –like ‘It’s Because I Miss You’, ‘That Day Long Ago’, ‘December 32nd’ and ‘You Are So Pretty’–, in his own style; apart from musical numbers. And touching the audiences’ hearts unfolding sweetly at times and plaintively other times, he continued with dynamic stages where he moved between emotional and fun –like displaying his patented performances with stages of the ‘X Song’ disco-funk remix version and ‘OeO’–.

The fanservice that cannot be absolutely missed continued even this year, in Kim Junsu’s concerts. Transforming into ‘Maestro Kim’ who commanded the 60-person orchestra, Kim Junsu did a surprise directing performance adjusted to the concerto, and unfurled his best-ever fan service with a random play dance, a carol medley and reading out loud the proclamation ‘I’m handsome’; through his ‘Genie Time’.

The audiences had fully enjoyed the musical numbers sung by Kim Junsu, and kept in tune with their passionate enthusiasms for over 3 hours, like how everyone had fun getting to their feet.

Kim Junsu completed his 2015 year-end concerts with great success and will appear on stage again in musical ‘Dracula’ which will be held in Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, from January 23rd.

Source: TV Daily
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3