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Saturday, July 22

JYJ's Jaejoong Admit He Is Afraid Of This Because of The Military

JYJ's Jaejoong had a recent photoshoot with @star1and also conducted a mini interview in the process. During the interview, one interesting bit of detail came up that surprised fans of the Korean idol!
During his time in the military, Jaejoong revealed he was really afraid of one thing happening in his life - that fans and Korea would forget about him during his mandatory two-year enlistment. Many idols and idol groups are often left stagnant or go on hiatus when a few members head into the military, so Jaejoong felt his time serving with affect his career.
"Being forgotten when I enlisted was my biggest worry, and that's why I wanted to continue to keep working. Military service is a duty. However, the fear of being absent and a period of resting wasn't something I could control." He also joked, "Before I entered the military, many people told me I only looked good because of my hair. Please don't mistake it, I look okay even with short hair."  
Jaejoong is currently working on filming a drama titled 'Manhole' after completing his military service. He had commented on his current projects saying, "It feels surreal that it's been 14 years already since I debuted. There are times when my memories from ten years ago are hazy, so every moment right now still feels new and interesting. 'Manhole' is something you can enjoy while laughing - the drama is a young and refreshing drama so please stay tuned.

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