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Aug 2, 2012

Kim Jaejoong And His Way to Act In The Harsh Summer Heat? “Focus On The Character.”‏

JYJ Kim Jaejoong revealed his way to battle the harsh summer heat.
Yesterday, Kim Jaejoong was in an outdoor filming site for ‘Dr Jin’ and completed a fighting scene under the 36 degrees summer sky.

In the drama as a Major, Kim Jaejoong had to don an outfit that is suffocating, together with wrist and knee guards and then perfectly executed the long-hours of fighting scene.

Drama representative expressed that, “Because Kyung Tak is a military officer, therefore just the rehearsal between the action actors of the fighting scene took 1-2 hours to complete. For the realistic scene, filming has to be done from different angles again, therefore a fight scene will take a long time to film.” “Just by standing, one can feel the tiredness. Under such weather, Kim Jaejoong personally took note of the fighting route and did not used any substitute action actor and perfectly completed the fighting scene.”

Kim Jaejoong’s representative C-JeS Entertainment expressed, “Kim Jaejoong is currently donning the historical outfit with his hairdo, fighting with the harsh summer heat.” “The car is loaded with a icebox filled with ice and he had a ice bag with him all the time. Together with the huge fan and mini electric fan, but all these are only temporary measures.”

 No matter where, the mini umbrella tent will be set up for shielding from the sun. Kim Jaejong who is wearing two singlets that helped in perspiration absorption and applying cool sheets on himself, said, “Just a few sword wielding action is enough to make me drenched in perspiration. But it actually helped me in getting the feel of fighting. A blessing in disguise.” “As the fighting scene is very important for expressing Kyung Tak’s emotions, I forgot about the heat after I focused on the filming.” ‘Dr Jin’ will be airing its last two episodes this weekend.

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