Kim Yoon-seok talks about Yoochun in his interview ...

"5th is the crank-in day. We met a few times while preparing for the filming, he is easy-going so it feels good. Maybe I'm now at the age where I can know straightaway if I meet the person once. He (Yoochun) is a trustable friend."


"It was me who recommended Park Yoochun. It wasn't because I recommended him and he got casted (Sea Fog). I talked about him and the director also liked him. I watched a bit of Yoochun's drama. After meeting him in real, he is folksy and easy-going. For a friend who has climbed up to that extent of position, undoubtedly, he (Yoochun) has suffered a lot and overcame many setbacks. He is somehow different."

Source: Joongang via Daum + Asiatoday
Translated by: Shinkipeia
Shared by: DBSKnights +AiNoSaranghae  

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