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Nov 12, 2015

Other artist opinion about DBSK :

its been so long since i last blog here.. or better yet, just blog. somewhere... i will randomly post anything starting from today. news and other random stuff of TVXQ/JYJ. watch out for it. 

"Once we performed with TVXQ in japan, TVXQ's popularity is no joke, and later we felt like we were involved as a guest on TVXQ concert."
- B2ST"
Dong Bang Shin Ki is our role model. We think that Dong Bang Shin Ki is the best idol. We learn a lot of things from them."
- In Jun (DGNA)
"TVXQ is like a giant mountain that casts a giant shadow, and rather than crossing over that mountain, I wish that our group would be right behind them."
- Hyonmin (DGNA)
"All of us watched TVXQ as we grew up, and have had the dream to become singers some day. TVXQ is more than just an idol group. We don't know if we'll be able to sing and dance like them. Whenever we see them, we realize that we have a long way until we can try to be close to them."
- Jay (DGNA)
"It is all thanks to our seniors TVXQ that we're getting so much love from Japan. It should be known that TVXQ changed the Japanese perception of Korean idol groups and because of this, it has become easier to debut in Japan because the people there now pay more attention to K-pop."
- Supernova
"When I dreamt about becoming a singer, I always wanted to make my debut overseas just like our senior singers Rain and TVXQ. They worked really hard overseas and I wanted to follow their footsteps."
- Hoya (Infinite)
"I want to first start off by saying thank you to the senior singers who have made their debut in the country and have led the way for us. I heard of how TVXQ had a hard time performing in the country at first but because they did such a great job, we were able to successfully wrap up our showcase."
- Woohyun (Infinite)"
It's not because of the song. I think, Singer should sing well, They (DBSK) sing well. "
- Youngmin (Boyfriend)
"We all like TVXQ and Bigbang" - NU'EST"I like the powerful stages by seniors TVXQ, they are full of energy. We should hope to showcase such powerful images."
- Baekho (NU'EST)
[Q: who's your fav artist?] "DBSK. If you ask why? Because It's DBSK."
"DBSK sunbaenim is the best. They're no longer an Idol Star, But I really enjoy sunbaenim's songs when I'm doing my activities."
- Aron (NU'EST)
"When I was younger, I wasn't really in the know about idols or singers, but the first idol group I ever got into was TVXQ. Out of the five members, I liked Yunho sunbae the most. He was just so charismatic and I respected his unconditional care and leadership."
- Chanyeol (EXO)
"After watching TVXQ's performances and hearing their songs, I was very touched." "TVXQ has always chased after different music styles, and their members all have very strong talents. Seeing TVXQ's music and stage makes me feel touched, and they're a very good influence on us. We've also started promoting in Japan, and compared to TVXQ sunbaes, we still have to secure a place. We all like TVXQ very much. We hope this time we'll use the chance to become more intimate with the members."
- Taeyang (Bigbang)
"I've learnt a lot from Dong Bang Shin Ki-hyung, I also registered in Junsu hyung's fan cafe and post lots of news and photos.""I've bought Dong Bang Shin Ki's CD and every time I listen to their songs I feel very good.""DBSK are a very idol group that everyone adores."
- Seungri (Bigbang)
"I admired them (DBSK) because they'd survived in a different country with different cultures.""Because we're in different genres, I've never seen them as a competitor. TVXQ is our respected sunbae. Their vocal skills are strong, and we've studied much of their performances and choreography. I've watched them stay determined to push themselves forward. They really are the perfect sunbaes."
- GDragon (Bigbang)
"I've been to Japan. TVXQ's popularity is even more extreme than we can imagine."
- Daesung (Bigbang)
"TVXQ sunbaes are very modest.Although they've already become Asia's top idol group, we respect the humbleness they display at all times."
- FT Island
"There are many groups coming out these days, and a lot of them look really good. TVXQ stands out among these groups." Dongwan (SHINHWA)"Back then, when we (Shinhwa) all gathered and saw TVXQ, 'Those fellows are so cool. It's frightening.' We never have the same thought like this before. We all acknowledge TVXQ's powerful song performance is really scary."
- Andy (SHINHWA)
"We admire TVXQ, who has been able to successfully make a place for themselves in Japan." - Super Junior"Watching DBSK and Super Junior brought me up to be a singer.."
- Zelo BAP
"When it comes to music, their passion is so intense that they're like different people, and that's what we admire."
- Jessica Tiffany SNSD
"Although they (DBSK) are already top stars, their personality is still very good."
- Kangta
"Out of all our sunbaes, TVXQ doesn't hold back, they've done very well." - Jonghyun (SHINee)"They're still the strongest group in Asia, can never be replaced because they're just too good."
- Alexander (U-Kiss)
"I've looked up to TVXQ since before I joined the company. I met then two weeks after I became a trainee during their 'Mirotic' activities. My heart was racing and it was an electrifying moment for me.""At first, I couldn't even speak. Though I've made my debut, I still feel nervous when I meet U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. I still feel like just another fan."
- Xiumin (EXO)
"TVXQ are the seniors we wish to emulate and the embodiment of the goal we should strive to attain. TVXQ are able to fill up an entire stage with their presence alone, even though there's just two people. We barely fill up a stage with 12 people."
- Baekyun (EXO)
"When I was in 4th to 5th grade in elementary school, I liked TVXQ."
- Youngjae (B.A.P)