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Jun 17, 2016

official statement regarding the issue.

< 13 June 2016 >
C-JeS Respond to Reports of Assault Claim
"We give our stance regarding the current reports about the accusation against Yoochun. The opposite party's claim is just a one-sided claim based on falsities, and this will be revealed as much through a following police investigation.
"We will not make a compromise with a malicious blackmail that was done to guarantee the tarnishing of a famous person's image. We promise that Yoochun will faithfully cooperate with the investigation from hereon in order to reveal the truth. Additionally, we have yet to learn the truth of this accusation officially from the police's side.

"Also, we ask that you refrain from brash speculations or reports with unconfirmed facts until the investigation is complete because the reports of the accusation themselves are causing severe defamation on Yoochun."

< 14 June 2016 >
C-JeS Official Statement
The following is a full translation of the official announcement by C-jes Entertainment regarding the allegations against JYJ member Park Yoo-chun.
This is C-jes Entertainment.

Our agency wishes to rearrange the way reporters are addressing Park Yoo-chun‘s case, as many reports are being written based on unconfirmed sources or speculation.

The news broadcast on Monday night by JTBC is a report that is not based on the official investigation records by the police, and is a defamatory act against Park.

The authenticity of the accusations on Park has not been confirmed. Several media outlets are reporting on the case as if it has already been proven to be true. These reports are far from the truth and are also acts of defamation.

Moreover, the spread of false information or rumors online will be dealt with seriously, based on libel laws.

Park Yoo-chun has not received any official details over the lawsuit and will fully cooperate with the investigation until the police call him in. Please refrain from making any false accusations based on one-sided claims until official reports by the police are released.

By Kim Ji-young (

C-JeS Respond to Media Reports of Charges Being Dropped
C-JeS Entertainment, released an official statement on behalf of Park Yoochun, stating, “Park Yoochun has not received neither the initial notification of charges filed nor of the cancellation from the police.” It continued, “As we stated yesterday, the charges were one-sided claims that had yet to be verified. As we continuously stated, Park Yoochun is above suspicion, and due to a rash report, he has received serious damage to his name.”
It states that the cancellation news also needs to be confirmed, but the news points to Park Yoochun’s innocence, as the agency has continuously argued, and they believe that through police investigation, Park Yoochun’s innocence will be clearly revealed.

The agency once again asks people to refrain from speculative, one-sided reports before the investigation results come out.

Police Deny Charges Withdrawal
On June 14, the Gangnam Police Station officially stated, "We're receiving information about the withdrawal through media reports, but a withdrawal has not been filed with us," adding, "We have not received any of these forms. What's been reported is not true."
The police also commented, "We do not know if the related news is true or false. The information is not in the police report." The department that handles crimes against women and children further stated, "We have not investigated the security CCTV footage from the business' hall that the victim referred to. Firstly, we will summon the victim to confirm the situation, and afterwards, we'll have to investigate the accused Yoochun in order to have a general outline."

< 15 June 2016 >
Police Confirm Withdrawal of Charges Against Yoochun
Sources from the Youth and Women criminal investigation section told several news outlets that Ms. Lee personally cancelled the charges of sexual assault today, testifying that the sexual relations were not forced. The sources added, "Because the final decision to penalize the accused doesn't necessary depend on the accuser's perspective, we must carefully determine whether to continue the investigation or not."

C-JeS Official Statement
Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.
Since the first sexual assault claim filed this past June 13, we have continually received reports regarding the claim, including the most recent news of the claim's official withdrawal, from news outlets, not from the police.

As a manager, I know that a celebrity is a job in which one receives love from the public, and thus we must comply with the media's right to know about celebrities' lives, including personal situations. Even through several instances in which such circumstances were used unfairly to cause threats and false speculations to arise, we thought these were parts [of being a celebrity] we had to endure.

But a serious crime investigation is different. This sexual assault claim case was reported without any prior confirmation from police officials simply due to the fact that it involved a Hallyu star, and since that day, [Yoochun] has been labeled as a criminal. Afterward, [Yoochun] began being tried not by official police investigations, but by the media through a series of 'don't ask truths, or maybe not' types of news reports. But because we have decided that just because we have been accused as a suspect in the case, we have no right to begin rambling about our innocence, we have stated that the media focus on official statements from police.

Before we issue any statement about the accuser's withdrawal of the claim, we appeal to news outlets. Please put official police statements first when reporting further on the case, and take care and caution, as a case like this has the potential to move one's life left and right. When the first report was released on June 13, no police investigation had been launched yet, and an official claim statement was omitted. But after that, reports making false speculations flooded the media, and we have faced defamation and libel from which we cannot recover, in just one day. We believe that the opponent in this case is not the accuser, but the misleading news outlet reports.

As we've previously announced, we have yet to receive any official statements from the police, and plan to wait on word from their side. We also plan to comply with any further investigation the police may request in order to prove Yoochun's innocence.

From here on, we have no intention to reveal our perspective on the case through the media and will come forward only when police have made their statement.

Thank you.

Investigation Of The Case Will Continue
A representative from Gangnam Police Station spoke with news outlet TV Report and said, “It’s true that ‘A’ has dropped charges, but investigations will continue to determine whether or not the suspicions against Park Yoochun are true.” They also referred to how the law does not require the victim to press sexual assault charges in order to investigate a case.

C-JeS Official Notice
Dearest all
This is C-JeS Entertainment Company.

We would like to strongly assure that currently circulated groundless rumors with regard to Park Yu Chun are all unrelated to him.

Furthermore, we make ourselves clear, we are roundly giving a strong warning to all about providing false-rumors or noticing any false materials related Park Yu Chun.

Last but not least, we are going to take legal actions against all expanding or producing materials without a confirmation of fact as considering defamation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

< 16 June 2016 >
C-JeS Official Statement Regarding 2nd Assault Claim
Hello. This is C-JeS Entertainment.
We apologize for worrying many people with our involvement in continuous scandalous cases.

The recently reported second filed complaint against Park Yoochun are not true and we will take legal action for defamation and false accusation.

We believe that he will be cleared of suspicion as the police are currently investigating the first lawsuit.

We feel sad and regrettable to hear of news of another ridiculous lawsuit that has been filed through reports when Park Yoochun hasn’t even been asked for his testimony regarding the first case yet.

Currently, Park Yoochun is in a state of great emotional shock. We ask for refrainment from reporting invalid and sensational news and hope that people will wait for the results from the investigation.

In the case that Park Yoochun is found guilty of committing any crime, he will retire from the entertainment industry.

Thank you.

< 17 June 2016 >
C-JeS Official Statement: Taking Legal Action
“We sincerely apologize for becoming involved in an incident that is greatly affecting society.
“C-JeS Entertainment has tried to refrain from responding to all the various reports regarding Park Yoochun.

“It is because we thought it was the proper order to respond legally only after police investigation results came out, rather than to respond to the media when the truth has yet to be determined.

“But we have come to see that it is meaningless to wait for the police results as we have observed the various indiscriminate allegations being lodged against Park Yoochun.

“First, we plan to file a complaint on Monday of blackmail and false accusations in regards to the first [sexual assault] allegation, of which the facts have been determined, to the Gangnam Police.

“As soon as the facts have been determined for the second case, we plan to also strongly respond.

“We plan to actively cooperate with the police investigation to prove Park Yoochun’s innocence and for the rehabilitation of his image.”

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