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Wednesday, December 7

an OST that comforts a weary heart in the cold weather.

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Drama ‘Night Light’ OST sung by Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu) was unveiled.
C-JeS Entertainment said, “The track for Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu)’s OST ‘길/Road’ –which made an appearance as the ending song of MBC Mon.-Tue. drama ‘Night Light’ that aired last week and gathered attention– was released through a varieties of music sites today (6th) at midnight. This song, the drama’s main theme song, is captivating listeners with ‘Kim Junsu-grade healing voice’ that soothes a weary heart”.
Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu)’s OST ‘길/Road’ is a memorable, emotional ballad with a grand orchestra tune and a song by Park Jung Wook –who’s composed the song ‘You Don’t Know Me’ for drama ‘She Was Pretty”s OST and produced songs for ZIA, Baek Ji-young, Ben, December, and others. Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu) increased understanding of the show for viewers with his emotional voice that spreads through story in the drama, and added expectations to the details that’ll unfold ahead to come. He is captivating and melting hearts once again with a ‘Kim Junsu-grade OST’ that comforts a weary heart in the cold winter.
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Prior, Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu) received great love with ‘Love is Like a Snowflake’, ‘I Love You’, ‘In the Time I Love You’, ‘Time Flows By Since It’s You’, and a lot of other ballad OSTs. In particular, Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu) had continued his box-office hits this year with ‘How Can I Love You’ up to ‘Lean On Me’. It seems like he will be continuing that reactions with the emotional OST ‘길/Road’ this winter.
Meanwhile, drama ‘Night Light’ OST ‘길/Road’ sung by Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu) is available via various online music sites.
Source: Top Star News
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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