Jaejoong was Nominated for Male Excellence Award in the 2012 Korean Drama Awards for Dr. Jin

Jaejoong was nominated for Male Excellence Award in the 2012 Korea Drama Awards.
We are proud that Jaejoong’s acting in Dr. Jin was recognized by critics and experts, and he was nominated alongside some of Korea’s great actors. 


 Info about “Korean Drama Awards” and the  Male Excellence Award”:
  • Korean Drama Awards is one of the programs of the Korean Drama Festival.  The 2012 event was held October 2 at the Gyeongnam Culture & Arts Center.
  • Nominees are picked from all TV stations: SBS, KBS, MBC and cable stations in Korea in 2012; Awards are not limited to a certain TV station
  • The nominees and winner for the Male Excellence Award is decided solely by expert judges
  • Jaejoong’s co-nominees for this award are veteran actors who have been acting for 10~20 years and known to be excellent actors in the acting industry in Korea, as follows:
Kwak Do-Won of ‘Phantom’ (winner)

Lee Hee-Joon of ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly’ (co-winner)

Youn Je-Moon of ‘Deep Rooted Tree’

Lee Seong-Min of ‘Golden Time’

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