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Jun 26, 2012

"Dr Jin" Kim Jaejoong "shocked" after knowing truth about Jin Yi Han...


In Episode 10 of MBC's weekend drama "Dr Jin", which was broadcasted on June 24, Hong Yong Hwi, the head of Anonymous, planned to sneak into Queen Shin Jeong's (played by Jeong Hye Sun) birthday celebration to destroy An Dong Kim's power.

Yong Hwi infiltrated the palace which his childhood friend Kim Kyung Tak (played by Kim Jae Jung) was protecting. Kyung Tak pretended not to know that Anonymous was at work and caught Yong Hwi first. Yong Hwi was attacked by Kyung Tak and it was a situation where he was unable to move.

In front of Kyung Tak, Young Hwi once said something that held many secrets,"You are a good friend that I am thankful for." Kyung Tak, who did not know anything, declared to the masked Young Hwi, "I will never let you live," and both of them started a sword fight.

Yong Hwi was hesitant to stab and subdue Kyung Tak, but Kyung Tak removed Yong Hwi's mask. Kyung Tak was then unable to chase after the escaping Yong Hwi after finding out his friend's real identity.

In this episode, Queen Shin Jeong showed symptoms of arsenic poisoning after eating the donuts made by Jin Hyuk (played by Song Seung Heon). It ended by rousing interest when Jin Hyuk proposed to treat Queen Shin Jeong by pumping out her stomach.

"Dr Jin" is a fantasy medical drama about the best surgeon who travels back to the Joseon Dynasty in 1860's and his struggles as a doctor there.

Source: Osen
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