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Jun 29, 2012

Over 7,000 Japanese fans attend ’2012 JYJ Membership Week’ in Korea

Starting June 29th, the members of JYJ opened up their ‘2012 JYJ Membership Week‘ at the SETEC as their first fan service project sponsored by C-JeS Entertainment.

The project took four months of preparation and is chock full of JYJ related content that is accessible by fans who hold JYJ membership, for completely free.

The agency had announced previously that they had invited 7,024 Japanese fans to Korea just for this event. They kept their word and sure enough, the 7,024 fans left Japan on the 28th and 29th through 14 airports to make it to the event on the morning of the 29th. Fans were greeted by pictures, 3D videos, and other various booths upon arrival at the event.

One Japanese fan Utaka Kimie (49) expressed, “It’s an event that can’t be found in Japan. I was really touched by the amount of work that was put into it. I was disappointed because I couldn’t see JYJ as often in Japan so I’m thankful that such an event was created.”
Miyakawa Eri (28) stated, “I was so surprised to hear that everything was free. I feel like I’ve received an extravagant gift. I think I’ll be a fan of JYJ for life.”

CEO Baek Chang Joo also stated, “This exposition is an opportunity not only to put on display the works of JYJ but for fans to experience these things with them. I believe that we were greeted by twice the number of Japanese fans compared to other Hallyu events because the event was free and allowed participation to anyone that had the absolute minimum means.”
He continued, “I feel that there needs to be more variety in Hallyu content now that concerts have already built a foundation for itself. Events such as these create memories for fans, and artists can share their own stories with them.”

JYJ will be holding a fan meet event with the fans at the exposition on the 30th.

Source + Photos: Sports Korea via Nate