‘Dr Jin’ Kim Jaejoong’s Proposal Scene To Young Rae Came Alive Due To Fine Details‏...


Well-made MBC weekend drama ‘Dr Jin’ came alive due to its detailed portrayal.

In the 8th episode of ‘Dr Jin’ broadcasted on the 17th, the best scene chose by the viewers was the proposal scene of Kyung Tak. Joseon’s ‘pure and macho’ Kyung Tak (Kim Jaejoong)’s considerate and romantic proposal did moved the female viewers’ hearts.

In the scene, Kyung Tak brought Young Rae (Park Min Young) to the place where they and Young Hwi had fond memories of when they were young and said to Young Rae, “Forever waiting with my determination, for my lady to come to me. Please come to my side.” (T/N: ‘Young’ meant ‘forever’ and Rae meant ‘come’.), using her name to make a sincere proposal.

Attracting attention together with the romantic lines was Kyung Tak’s clothing. As the charming official from police bureau, he usually dons the typical not-so colourful outfit, but on that day, Kyung Tak transformed with his pink hanbok displaying his shining “flower-like beauty”.

The viewers said, “This scene was done beautifully. It is definitely one of the memorable scene. It left a deep impression. The extremely charming Kyung Tak did became into a gentle man in front of his loved one.”, “‘Devilish Flower Official’ Kim Kyung Tak’s pink casual hanbok shone.”

source: tvreport
credit: joongyi
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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