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Apr 27, 2013

Eugene Explains Why S.E.S Broke up,...

Eugene talked about the disbandment of legendary idol girl group S.E.S.

She was a guest on the April 25th installment of MBC‘s ‘Knee Drop Guru‘. When the topic of S.E.S’s disbandment was brought up, she stated, “The three of us wanted to resign the contract as a group, but our label back then, (SM Entertainment) wanted to resign individually. In the end, we couldn’t agree on the process, and we decided to go our separate ways.

She added, “Back then, there was no such thing as ‘individual activities’. If you did individual activities, people would think you were betraying the rest of the members. So the three of us had to be together always. If it was like it is today, where you can freely promote individually, I think it would have been good because we would have been able to continue promoting without breaking up.

S.E.S had debuted in 1997, and was the very first female idol group in K-Pop. After five successful years together, they broke up in 2002. Currently, Eugene is active as an actress, while Bada and Shoo are working as singers and musical actresses.

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