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Apr 27, 2013

How She became an SM. Ent talent - S.E.S

Eugene spoke about how she got connected with SM Entertainment.

On the April 25th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Knee Drop Guru‘ she said that she was recruited into SM Entertainment while working as an interpreter for H.O.T. Eugene was born in Seoul but she moved to Guam at an early age and grew up there.

Eugene revealed, “Guam is special in that a lot of Korean stars come to vacation there.  I saw a lot of celebrities there,” and said that while living in Guam she saw stars such as Kim Won Joon, Seo Taiji and Boys, and H.O.T.

But to Eugene, her meeting with H.O.T. was very special.  She was already a huge fan of the group and by meeting them her dreams of becoming an entertainer started to be fulfilled.
She said, “The manager of H.O.T. saw me and just randomly asked me to translate things for them.  When the H.O.T. members were shopping they took me with them and I translated everything for them.”

When it was over, I was about to go back home but somebody called me over.  It was Lee Soo Man.  He asked me for my contact information and sure enough a few days later I received a call from Korea.  He asked if I could come to Korea so I went with my mom,” sharing the previously untold story on how she joined SM Entertainment and would later become a part of K-Pop history as a member of S.E.S.

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