Max Changmin Says, “After My First Victory, My Parents Texted Me… It Made Me Feel Emotional”

After winning his first badminton match, Max Changmin received an emotional text message from his parents.

During the episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’ that is set to air on the 30th, Max Changmin reveals, “No one was happier for me than my parents.”

The reason was because Max Changmin won his first victory during his badminton match against the Joonggok-dong team. Although he had always worked hard at honing his skills for bowling and table tennis, he was unable to clinch a single victory. He poured all his passion into the new sport of badminton, and it resulted in a precious first victory for him.

Lee Soo Geun showed how proud he was of Max Changmin as he said, “We should call Max Changmin ‘First Victory’ from now on.” When he was asked how his friends and family reacted, Max Changmin said, “No one was happier for me than my parents,” and “My parents told me that all their friends have been expressing their worry and concern for me, saying, ‘It must be distressing to see your son cry all the time.’”

Max Changmin showed his affection for his parents as he said, “My parents sent me a text message at midnight after my first badminton victory in Joonggok-dong. The text they sent me read, ‘Our son! We’re so happy for you. We were so happy that it felt like our own accomplishment.’ When I read that text, I felt very emotional.”

Max Changmin and partner Lee Jong Soo’s badminton skills will be shown tonight at 11:20pm on ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’.

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