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Aug 7, 2013

JYJ’s Kim Junsu takes his American dancers to a theme park for some fun....

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has recently tweeted a photo on August 6th, of him bringing his American dance team to a theme park for some fun and relaxation. The dancers were sporting jovial expressions like little children in the photo, and expressed thanks to Kim Junsu for the treat.
A related staff said, “The American dance team members had nothing but praise for Junsu’s way of rewarding them after a tiring weekend of concerts. In the gap between the Seoul concerts and the upcoming Busan concerts this weekend, Junsu decided to take the dancers to the theme fun for some fun and relaxation.”
The staff added, “After their concert on August 4th, Junsu also took them to the bowling alley, and had a friendly competition, while having much fun at the same time. It was the Korean team facing off against the American team, and Kim Junsu impressed with his bowling ability and drew much praise. In the end, the Korean team got the victory over their American counterparts.”
Jeri Slaughter who was the man in charge of the American dance team said, “Kim Junsu’s happy and infectious energy can really influence everyone. After the concert, Junsu is probably the only singer who have suggested a game of bowling for everyone. We have really worked well together to form an even stronger energy field. The Korean theme park was really good, and many of the attractions were especially thrilling. We will bring this energy to the Busan concerts this weekend.”
Kim Junsu will be holding his Busan concerts at BEXCO this weekend (August 10th, 11th).
Credit: Kang Hyo Jin @KpopFighting.com
Source: Yahoo! Malaysia
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