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Oct 26, 2011

TVXQ To Hold Glamourous Party For Just One Day in Singapore on the 4th December‏ ..

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TVXQ has retained their own debut stage in Singapore for themselves by coming to the Lion City for the first time through a fan meeting on the 4th of December. They will be staying here for less than 24 hours.

As opposed to previous Korean artistes’ activities whereby a local organizer would takeover the production, the upcoming TVXQ’s fan meeting will be organized by Korean company S2 Entertainment. This December event was confirmed by the Korean counterparts.
Their successful first fan meeting was held on the 2nd of October in Beijing and it received fans’ tremendous responses. In the upcoming December, they will begin by having their fan meeting in Bangkok on the 3rd for “TVXQ! Asia Fan Party”.

On the 4th morning, they will be flying to Singapore and hold the fan meeting on the same day. They will be flying back to Korea on the 5th, staying not more than 24 hours.

It is their first visit to Singapore since their debut 9 years ago and although it is only fan meeting, it will be held at Singapore Indoor Stadium. (T/N: Singapore Indoor Stadium is usually used for concerts and large-scaled events.) As according to Korean organizer, this 2 hour event is a high quality production with glamourous stage settings, which includes performances and interactive games with fans.

Although the ticketing price of the event is not yet fixed, it will be below 200 SGD and to be sold in the near future. For more information of the event, please visit the official fan page:

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