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Dec 11, 2011

Precious Jaejoong is precious ...

fan who took the photo: this is just a dark photo with no technical skills whatsoever.. but i know that the person in the photo was at that moment, intently cherishing the video we made for him. – 没有金在中我会死_批

+ another pic:

comments from fans:
“when the mc said jae needs to take a rest, jae walked off stage. then the vcr played and everyone started singing ‘i only care about you’. after it ended, the camera (that shows up on the screen) turned, and we see jaejoong actually sitting at the side of the stage, on the steps, looking (at the vcr) seriously and intently. i really didn’t expect it! and no matter who’s looking (at him), you can see how touched he is!”

“he was there from the beginning, silenting watching”

“jaejoong has always been someone who cherishes the people who loves him”
“i’m so blessed to be a fan of someone like kim jaejoong!!!”


 the smile on this face ❤

look at his smile after the vcr ended.
look at him applauding the fans
look at his bow
look at him letting out a long breath, looking down, as if trying to compose himself.
listen to him say “謝謝你們” in chinese (thank you all)
and most importantly, look at his eyes; it says everything.
we love you jaejoong, because you are the one and only kim jaejoong.
because you are the best.
proud to be a fan of kim jaejoong ❤

 Credit: on pic + (莼青色) + Jaejoong DC
Translated by: white_faith
Shared by: PrinceJJ +AiNoSaranghae