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Jan 29, 2012

More Information About Jaejoong Attending Cultural Event in Turkey

this is a letter to JYJ3 readers, just like to share it to everyone...
Dear JYJ3 Readers,
As u all know Jaejoong is coming to Turkey. This news is also new for us, thats why we couldnt inform u as we wanted. We have 1 week to organize stuff and we will do our best to make u all proud. As u know by now we only have 500 seats. We told the ambassador that we wanted a big place if JYJ or a member of JYJ would come. But as u all can see they didnt really listened to us. They now saw how popular JYJ and Jaejoong are in Turkey, but this wont change the number of the seats. As u can imagen there are no seats available anymore. This also means that we as JYJTurkey can’t help International fans for seats. We are truly sorry for this, but also the Turkish fandom who where not online yesterday cant join the event. As u all know 500 seats for our fandom is just to little. All seats where taken after 2 hours of the anouncement. We are sorry for this.
Now what is this event about?This is a cultural event. No fan meeting. This is a cultural event that Jaejoong is going to attend. We don’t know more details about the organization on this moment. We only know they asked JYJ, and Jaejoong is the only one who could come. And we are really thankful for this.
Are there any projects?We as JYJTurkey are known with our projects, so yes we will have projects. Not as big as we wish to do, but we will do our best to make Jaejoong smile ^^ We will make sure to tell and show a lot of things to him that we international fans talked about so JJ be ready XD
We would wanted to invite u all if the event was bigger but it isnt. If u still insist to come then u are welcome to join us at the airport to welcome him and to stay in front of the building with other fans. You can send a mail to for this. But please remember its snowing in Ankara and its really cold.
Contact info:We will share every detail about the fans and JJ from 3 till 5 February from our twitter account: @JYJTurkey. You can also follow us from can ask us everything but please remember we are busy organizing so our reply can be late.
Hope we could inform u a bit more about the situation. We also want to thank everyone for the sweet things u wrote to us. Thank u for sharing our happiness. We will make sure that everyone knows how much Jaejoong and JYJ is beloved by his fans.
Love u all,
JYJTurkey Admin Team
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