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Jan 22, 2012

TONE Concert Various Staffs' Tweets ...

[TONE tour manager] (cr:daisyduck101828) (Jan 16) it's Monday!!! in two days... hahaha ♡

[TONE tour manager] (cr:daisyduck101828) (Jan 16) Thank you always! Everyone (T/N: Tohoshinki & dancers) are good friends(^ー^)ノ♬ It seems like a boy's school xD I think you can feel their good teamwork at the LIVE! Please look forward!

[TONE tour manager] (cr:daisyduck101828) (Jan 18) Today’s the first day for Tohoshinki【LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~】!! at the Yokohama Arena♬•*¨*•.¸¸♪✧ It is the start for 24 concerts including the Dome!!

[TONE tour band member, drummer] (cr:fukuchomasao) (Jan 18) I'm feelling really good! And, I'm ashamed, I have a little bit of muscle pains xDD

[Toho dancer] (cr:50FOB) (Jan 19) At last, the Tohoshinki TONE LIVE TOUR has started!! I am really happy that I could again participate in their LIVE. As a Toho dancer, I will support them till the very last!!!!!

[TONE tour band member, drummer] (cr:fukuchomasao) (Jan 19) The second day of Yokohama Arena finished~! At last, Tohoshinki's tour has started! We will liven up until the final stage~! Everybody, pls support us d(^_^o)

[TONE tour band member, drummer] (cr:fukuchomasao) (Jan 19) Thank you very much! We can all hear you! Everybody's red ocean is really impressive, and we really get the power from you! Let's liven up till the Kyocera (^^)

[TONE tour band member, drummer] (cr:fukuchomasao) Thank you very much! We will make it the best live concert each time, as a once-in-a-lifetime encounter (^^) We will perform our best for Tohoshinki's future (^^)

[TONE tour band member, drummer] (cr:fukuchomasao) @GEN_BASEHEADS (T/N: ex-Toho dancer) Yeap, your place was really like the professional wrestling match (^_−)−☆ We realized you at once, we wanted you to come up stage and perform with us~! Really, lets perform together again! I think we could do something together again (^^) I will do my best with Darley!

[TONE tour manager] (cr:YOSHI_ZO_PT) (Jan 20) Yokohama 2 days finished!! There is only a little bit that I could do, but I'm happy that I could participate in the 2 members' new start!! I will back up my best so that the dancers, band members, and all the staffs will say that it is the best concert tour ever!!

[TONE tour band member] (cr:fukuchomasao) (Jan 21) @shinjiroh_inoue THANK YOU!!(´Д` ) When I perform Shinjiroh-san's songs, it remains in my mind for a while(^_−)−☆ That song is a good song, too~! Good night(^^)

[Editor/Writer Eri Magara] (cr:magaratta) (Jan 19) I went to Tohoshinki's live, the first day. The audience really loves the 2 members, and Tohoshinki was doing their best to respond to the love of the audience. This many be the first time Yokohama Arena was filled with such passion. I had a happy time, and the concert was wonderful!

[Editor/Writer Eri Magara] (cr:magaratta) (Jan 19) The harmonizing responses with the audience, giving out jokes by small nuances, it was Tohoshinki's special stage, because they are active in Japan for so long.

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