SNSD’s Jessica in a friendly pose with Lee Si Young, “Are they really rivals in love?”


A picture of SNSD’s Jessica and actress Lee Si Young in a friendly pose is currently attracting many people’s attention.

A production company of KBS 2TV’s drama series Violent Romance has recently uploaded the behind-the-scenes picture on the drama’s official blog (
In the picture, they are posing for the camera, having cute looks on their faces although they are rivals in love in the drama series.

Lee and Jessica are standing together and having cute looks on their faces with their hands put on their cheeks.

Actress Hong Yeo Jin is also making a V-sign with her fingers, showing the friendly atmosphere on the set.
On Violent Romance, Moo Yeol (played by Lee Dong Wook) and Eun Jae (played by Lee Si Young) have recently become lovers from a client and a bodyguard.

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