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Mar 12, 2012

Controversy Roundup: JYJ & Their Sasaeng Fans..

Photo Credit: Nate

Recently, an audio of JYJ verbally and physically abusing a sasaeng fan (extremely obsessive fan who follows a star around, invading their privacy) was uploaded on a online community board. As a response, the members of JYJ have admitted to suffering from sasaeng fans since their debut. 

I tried to run away, but I was always in a closed space walking in the same place. I was psychologically hurt,” said Yoochun during a press conference held in Chile, just before their first concert in South America. “It was like I was in a jail without bars.

JYJ didn’t deny the fact that they had physically hit the sasaeng fan, but they did not make any further comments. However, the members did continue to address the extreme incidents caused by fans driving them to the edge.

I tried to accept their love as is because sasaeng fans are just another form of fans,” said Junsu. “However, through many indescribably painful incidents , my private life was shattered. I just want to live a humane life.

Photo Credit: Top Star News via Nate

In the audio, you can hear the idols using obscene language towards sasaeng fans over the phone and in the streets.

At the conference, which was held in Chile in response to the controversy, the JYJ members apologized for their past behavior regarding the audio file.

We apologize for our past unjust behavior,” said Jaejoong. “We are sorry because of all the fans that worry for us. In the future, we will think of the people who love and care for us to get us through mentally difficult situations. We will not breakdown as we did before and take full responsibility as public figures.
However, accusations were dismissed when KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Tonight interviewed the girl in the controversial audio file. She admitted that the physical violence was not as severe as it sounded in the audio, and that all this happened in 2009 when the members were taking their break.

As a response to this mess, many fans, and even sasaeng fans, have come clean of their acts to the public through an email along with a picture of a member of JYJ sleeping. The fan admitted, “Even if we talk down of the extremists amongst sasaeng fans, I am sorry for letting my infatuation get the best of me.
Sasaeng fans have been under scrutiny ever since the audio has been revealed for their obsessive compulsive ways of expressing their loyalty towards the idols. There were allegations that the sasaeng fans have stalked the idols and broke into JYJ’s home, trying to kiss Junsu while he was asleep.

However, many say that idols responding with violence, physical, and verbal abuse is unjust no matter how severe their actions were and should instead take legal actions.