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Mar 21, 2012

TONE Saitama (3rd day), Various Staffs' & Fans' Tweets

(my tweet) [INFO] Today Mar 20 is the final day for TONE ARENA TOUR, at the Saitama Super Arena, from 16:00JST. Goodies will be on sale from 11:00.

(cr:snowrose0218) Changmin was so hyped up from BUT, he was stirring up the audience.. he was the one who livened up the stage.

(cr:ariel0822) the place where Changmin extends the notes during "tokiwo tomete", the note was sung really long, it should be the longest ever. It was really wonderful! gave me the goose bumps!

(cr:doyafaceuknow) Changmin during "shiawase~" was really lovely, he was putting his whole heart into the lyrics, it was like a song of an actor. it really came to my heart...i was in tears.

(cr:sana_time) during the time the audience was singing lalala...yunho was closing his eyes and looked as though he was thinking about really impressed me. He looked as though he was happy. We are happy, too. Thank you.

(cr:yoonholover) during weep, i was in tears looking at yunho passionately hugging the dancers/the band members, and my tears continued to flow. There were many moments that I thought they were really close to each other..I can only say the words "Thank you"

(cr:15tanuki26) during weep, Yunho was closing his eyes hearing the audience singing, he seemed to be really happy!! 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。 His face was really gentle and tender!!。゚゚(つД≦。)°゚

(cr:15tanuki26) Yunho licked his upper lips and laughed softly after looking at the audience (○Д○)

(cr:soratomax) during Easy mind, Changmin had the surprised and shocked expression looking at Yunho's cute dance, and then he started to dance together xD He really seemed shy, he was so cute(〃▽〃)

(cr:ykchiki) seeing Yunho hyped-up during the MC, Changmin said "Looking from the back, Yunho is really full of energy~ as might be expected of, Sensei! (T/N: teacher)" Changmin called Yunho "Sensei!!" kya~~

(cr:218Tone26) Yunho's last chorus (?) during Super Star was really something! Yunho's high notes were impressive today!

(cr:acca_yunho) before the 2nd chorus of Shiawaseno irono hana, Yunho was closing his eyes, and was murmuring something to himself. He was really handsome!

(cr:kO_habe_UM_gern) during the encore MC, Yunho confessed his real intension.. "Honestly I felt uncertain when the tour was decided to be held." I was about to burst into tears hearing those words. Thank you for your honest words. I think everything is all right now, don't you think so?

(cr:soratomax) during the encore MC, Yunho said "We were really happy today." We fans were happy, too. Thank you.

(cr:218Tone26) Yunho's looks resembled himself during the 4th album, he was really cute. They did not perform TWUA.

(cr:Kakiyan37) Saitama Arena last day finished, everyone was so excited! We want to perform more!

(cr:Kakiyan37 , TONE band member) I was made to sing at the arena~~super shameful! singing and playing the piano at the same time!!

(cr:micky_lovelove) Changmin's talk about STILL. "Our new song was released on White day, Mar 14, and was ranked No. 1 in the Oricon weekly chart!" Yunho "Thank you very much" Changmin "There seems to be so many that had spare time on white day!" xDDD

(cr:tohri) during the time Changmin was singing "STILL", Yunho was puffing out his cheeks, and screwing up his lips, since his face will not be shown on the big screen xDD (*^^*)

(cr:doyafaceuknow) Yunho was really bowing his head many times 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

(cr:moco0610tvfxq) Yunho said at the last part "We are happy that everyone is smiling more and more" kind of words...I was really happy, and tears came out of my eyes. How many times during the hard life can I shed happy tears?? One of the date is today, and today will be a lifetime memory for me. It was really precious and I am so thankful..I am happy that I am a fan of Tohoshinki.

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