JYJ heads to South America .... - -AiNoSaranghae-

Mar 8, 2012

JYJ heads to South America ....

JYJ are heading off to South America for their world tour.
On March 6th, Park Yoochun uploaded a picture of him and Junsu on the plane and along with it wrote, “We’ll have a good trip~ ^^.

They are both dressed in the typical airport style fashion adorning sunglasses, but what captured people’s eyes the most was Junsu. Junsu’s hair is dyed bright blond for his role in the musical ‘Elizabeth’, and he is also wearing unique rings along with a black manicure.

Fans responded to this picture saying, “Have a nice trip~“, “You guys are so cool“, and “I hope you do well at your concert fighting!

On another note, JYJ excited fans by writing on their official facebook, “Please look forward to JYJ’s shuffle dance. For the world tour’s finale, a remix version of ‘Get Out’ will include a dance!

Source & Image: Yoochun’s Twitter