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Mar 21, 2012

Dispatch reveals Kim Jaejoong’s full original audio file + C-Jes plans to file a lawsuit..

On March 20th, media outlet Dispatch released what they claimed to be a full version of the original audio file of JYJ‘s Jaejoong that had not been fully revealed previously.

Dispatch reported that a total of 11 accounts of violence and 78 accounts of swearing of member Kim Jaejoong can be heard in the 10 minute clip. The article goes on to quote controversial clips of Jaejoong, such as, “I wish I wasn’t a Korean citizen,” and “I hit them often and even went to the police.”

They also claim that they have interviewed 20 other sasaeng fans who have given testimonials about the members hitting fans when it wasn’t called for. According to them, violence and swearing took place when Jaejoong had gone to see his girlfriend. They claim that the singer resorted to violence due to not wanting their date to become exposed, rather than sasaeng fans provoking him.

The article continues, saying that the image of sasaengs were exaggerated by other media. Extreme cases of sasaeng fans have resorted to extreme behaviors, but that “most of them just followed them to see them a bit up close.”

The Dispatch article titled, “Has the original nature of JYJ been covered up under the excuse of sasaengs? The uncomfortable truth behind JYJ and their assault case,” stated, “The assault case was wrapped up to look as if Jaejoong, the attacker, was the victim of the sasaeng. They used violence on hardcore fans, not just on extreme sasaeng fans, and thus this goes beyond how much they suffering they had to endure while living as a star, and whether their violence was justified.”
C-JeS Entertainment was quick to step up immediately after the release of the file and the article, revealing that they had already drafted up a lawsuit against Dispatch, and were planning to press charges for defamation of character.

On March 20th, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The article with the additional file released by Dispatch today has no intention other than to bring harm to the members of JYJ. We can no longer stand by and watch the release of such hateful articles and have decided to take legal action.”
Sejong, their legal representatives, added, “It is definite defamation as well as an invasion of privacy to release an illegal recording without even confirming with the person they claim the recording is of.”
Moreover, C-JeS Entertainment officials revealed that they “cannot comprehend” Dispatch, especially since this comes just after the passing of Yoochun‘s father.

Source + Photos: BNT News + Dispatch