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Mar 9, 2012

【 the TRUTH behind jyj scolding & hitting fans news】

【 the TRUTH behind jyj scolding & hitting fans news】
im sure everyone did heard JYJ hitting fans from newspapers,FM or any other wedsite.BUT the TRUTH about PARK YOO CHUN slapped a female fan is >
1]the girl slapped YC first!& YC just use his hand to stop it.The pain feeling even can seem from YC facial expression~the video that saying YC slap fans is edited & not the FULL STORY!
2]the audio record that sound like KIM JAEJOONG(JJ) was scolding & hit the girl is edited too!Some sound source from VACATION & COME ON TOP..its not JJ really saying scolding peeple in reality,JUST SCRIPTED!The other part is someone pretend like JJ's sound to talk like him~

(YOO CHUN being slapped vid)

(JJ scolded fans 10min truth--sound source from VACATION&COME ON OVER & the pretender voice proved)
1](FR:COME ON OVER-JJ shouted loud when chasing his pet cat) 

2] (FR:Vacation--JJ acted a bad boy that bullying a child CUT]

3]difference between JJ soundbit & the pretender soundbit