I AM MEET UP! IN LOS ANGELES .... - -AiNoSaranghae-

May 5, 2012


Remember the epic meet-up event two years ago at the Los Angeles Convention Center? Well, Koreaboo is making history again! Please RSVP now! Go here!

Along with Koreaboo, fansites such as SJWORLD, CODEXO, SHINee Forums International and yes us, DBSKnights (!!!) are coming to sell and give out for free many fan cheering goods! That's not it! Koreaboo will show a sneak peek of SMTown's movie, I.AM and like the previous meetup, there will be many giveaways and contests!

If you don't drive or do not have any kinds of transportation, do NOT worry! There will be FREE shuttle service from the Anaheim Convention Center to the Honda Center.


As stated above, the DBSKnights' team are coming and we will have our own booth. The pre-ordered cheering goods will be given out here. On top of that, we are also giving out FREE RED led DBSKnights light sticks and many more!!

Don't miss out, Cassiopeias! If you have any questions, you comment on this post or on the event's page. You can also contact MEL ---->  mel@DBSKnight.net!