Sulli, Hyoyeon & Krystal open up about the times when they regretted joining SM Entertainment...

The SM Entertainment artists opened up about the times they regretted joining the company.
The showcase for SM Entertainment’s new film ‘I AM‘ was held on April 30th, and f(x) members Sulli and KrystalGirls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon, as well as Kang Ta drew interest for admitting that at certain times they regretted joining SM.
I lived in a dorm since I was in the fifth grade,” Sulli began. “I wanted to go home and I wanted to see my mom. My house was in Busan, and I was so upset that I could not go visit often.”
Sulli’s fellow f(x) member Krystal also added, “I was so frustrated that we had to live and stay at the company every day.
Hyoyeon revealed that her reasons were similar to theirs. “I had to commute 3~4 hours, and it was hard on me at such a young age.”
Former H.O.T member Kang Ta who is now a director at SM Entertainment shared that he regretted joining the company because his trainee days were extremely difficult. “We ordered Chinese noodles every other day, and we ate sausages as meals.” He revealed that fellow H.O.T member Tony was once reprimanded for two whole days after ordering japchae, a popular Korean dish of sweet potato noodles. Kang Ta further revealed that he wore leggings during his trainee days, and that he used his reflection in the window when practicing, in place of a real mirror.
Meanwhile, SM Entertainment’s new film ‘I AM’ scheduled to hit the big screens on May 10th is a documentary-style movie that will reveal the journey of the SM artists from their days as a trainee until now.
Source & Image: TVReport via Nate + allkpop

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